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Posted by MamaBear11 (Member # 25116) on :
I just need to have a little pity party for a moment, so I don't take it out on my kids. We ran out of oil a few weeks ago and have no money to buy more with. We applied for the heating assistance program, but that doesnt start until the end of November. It hasn't been too bad on us until this weekend when the overnight temps are in the 30s and 20s. Daytime temp in the apartment is in the 50s.

I am just so cold, down to the bone. My bones ache from the cold. I feel so badly for the homeless, and for those in our area who have no power right now from the snowstorm.

I seem to ache and be in so much more pain when I am cold like this. Sigh.
Posted by mom2kids (Member # 31972) on :
PM sent, I hope you see it and say yes.
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
Sounds like mom2kids has solved the problem. Hurray! I hope I hope.
Posted by MamaBear11 (Member # 25116) on :
We are hanging in there. Mom2kids made a generous offer of some space heaters, she is so kind. We have space heaters in the kids' rooms at night, so they are warm for sure. Still not sure where money for our next oil delivery will come from, but at least the daytime temps are creeping up slowly. So that is something to try to be happy about. One day at a time...
Posted by mom2kids (Member # 31972) on :
My other offer still stands too, I can't do alot and we're not rich, but we always help when we can. There has to be some agency out there that can help you, even if it's just 50 gallons.

Hope to hear from you soon and that things are getting better (or at least not getting worse).

[group hug]
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
The utility companies have plans for those in need. Wish I could help too.
Posted by phyl6648 (Member # 28522) on :
I so feel for you as my daughter is going through the same thing. I have gotten fuel for her in the past but I am out of money and can't help. It breaks my heart.. for you and so many others.

She is a widow and has two children at home plus has two grans she is raising. She is applying for help but they say there is a shortage on funding.

My prayers that things will get better for you.
Posted by just don (Member # 1129) on :
I 'KNOW' the Eastern states have much oil heat.

Most around here that HAD oil heat has gone to electric or more likely natural gas,,,,much ,,,much cheaper than oil or electric.

For those that have oil heat,,,do you have acess to a natural gas line?? have gas in house already like for water heater or clothes dryer??

Are there natural gas lines that run up and down every street???

I have never been to Northeast so dont have a clue. Been to Florida a few times but they dont use much heat.

You could convert to gas if available for not so much,,,compared to outrageous cost of heating oil. Payback might be quicker than you think.

Do people have insulated walls and ceilings there?? Whats it cost to heat,,,say a small 2 bedroom one floor house 8 to 900 square feet????

Inquiring minds wish to know??? It all costs TOO much!!!!!
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on :
I think the Salvation ARmy might be able to help you.

I also had a lady who lives in my town post about using some electric heaters vs paying the cost of getting heating oil in our town. (Here it is propane)

I always thought electric heaters were more expensive but she posted what it cost her with the local propane company and what it cost with the electric heaters.

Big savings.

I know each situation is different.
Posted by kam (Member # 3410) on : might also be able to help you.
Posted by MamaBear11 (Member # 25116) on :
While I hate to ask for help, I did break down and make some calls. United Way, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, etc. They all either have no funding this year for oil heat help or their programs haven't started yet. This is just a freakishly cold fall!

We just moved in to this apartment over the summer so we don't know yet how much oil we will go through. But in our last apartment we went through 100 gallons per month (sometimes we could stretch it to 6 weeks). That was a poorly insulated old house, but we used draft stoppers under the doors, the heat-shrunk plastic on all the windows & lined curtains.

No gas lines here, so we are stuck with oil. On a positive note, my therapist's church has a community outreach fund that helps families in need with things like this. We are on their list to get $200 towards oil very soon. Now we just have to come up with the $ difference somwhere and we are good to go! Most oil companies in our area have a 100 gallon minimum, so we are probably looking at needing another $150 or so at least. That's progress though!!!!!
Posted by MamaBear11 (Member # 25116) on :
Oh, and justdon, oil prices typically mirror gas prices. So if gas is at $3.80/gallon then 100 gallons of home heating oil will cost around $380-400.
Posted by just don (Member # 1129) on :
yikes,,380 to 400 bucks a month to heat an apartment?

my little 2 bedroom whole house is like 120 bucks in the coldest months with natural gas and less in less cold months.

A hi efficency furnace with NO chimney to waste heat helps some.

If my heat bills were that high I would find a super insulated new apartment or house and put more insulation in it yet.

Plus look for natural gas heat,,,has to be around someplace.

those bills remind me of living in the country and using propane,,,,,VERY expensive gas,,,used to be real cheap!!!

Alternative would be a woodburner,,corn stove,,but corn is high now too,,and maybe burn wood pellets in it for now

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