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Posted by lymenow (Member # 36175) on :
I had a bad lyme doc/treatment for the last 6 months. I finally bit the bullet and found an ILADS trained, caring LLMD because I have not been able to walk on my own, I'm young too.

He says I'm his 2nd worst case ever. I tested + through IGENEX and as for co infections. anaplasma, mycoplasma, toxoplasma, Epp Barr, parvo, HHV6, chl. pneumanae, candida A. plus more that I'm missing I'm sure.

Is this normal and does it make it harder to treat?
Posted by WheelWatcher (Member # 34223) on :
It is definietly normal to have plenty of coinfections.

A lot of times people have them and dont test positive because their body is too sick to even be able to make the antibodies!

Or people have coinfections with things they dont even have tests for yet...

So it must be scary to hear the doc say you are "2nd worst ever" [Frown]

But at least your immune system is functioning enough to be able to make antibodies against all these coinfections! That is a good thing.

Just make sure your doctor is comfortable using a wide variety of treatments

(not ONLY antibiotics, not ONLY herbs) bc you may need a combination of things (including supplements, detox, and alternative treatments) in order to attack so many infections at once.
Posted by triathletelymie (Member # 26456) on :

Tested positive for bartonella, babesia, lyme, tularemia, Epstein Barr Virus, West Nile and other stuff that I can't even remember...
Posted by tickled1 (Member # 14257) on :
Me too!

Lyme, Myco, EBV, Cpn, HHV6, H. pylori, Candida, Klebsiella P. presumed Bart and Babs and more I'm forgetting I'm sure.

I hope you are in good hands now with your LLMD.

It WILL get better! I'm not great but way better than I was.
Posted by seibertneurolyme (Member # 6416) on :

Very surprised that bartonella or babesia are not on your list.

The most common combo of infections seems to be lyme, babesia and bartonella. Although many do have a few more added to that list.

At least you are producing antibodies. Hubby has been sick for 11 years. It took over 2 years to get anything diagnosed and then almost another year to find a doc to treat.

It was 10 years before anyone thought to test for babesia duncani. Very high titer despite previous babesia treatment. Also 10 + years to get positive tests for ehrlichia/anaplasma and RMSF and typhus -- none of those has/had been treated adequately.

The sooner you find out what infections you have the better off you will be. But the more things you have the harder it will be to treat because many of the different infections require specific antibiotics or combos of antibiotics and you will likely run into times when you can't take a with b or a and c can't be taken together etc.

In my personal opinion if you have multiple infections adding herbs to the mix can be very helpful -- they are more broad spectrum and can treat multiple things sometimes better than antibiotics. But to be effective the doses need to be extremely high.

Different docs treat differently. For hubby treating just one infection at a time (the way it used to be done) just did not work. For him treating 2 or 3 infections at the same time was much more effective. And treating the predominant infection (guessed at based on symptoms) the hardest seems to be working.

Hubby is pretty sure that bartonella is finally gone. Has not shown up on bloodslides in a couple of years now. But 14 months of very aggressive babesia treatment probably has not eradicated that yet. He is still struggling but has made much progress even though he still has a long way to go.

Bea Seibert

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