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Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
is it just me or did the board go down for about three days??

i tried every day to get on and just kept gettng wierd messages about service not responding, eve once that site not found, etc.

Posted by gigimac (Member # 33353) on :
Yes, I tried all day to get on lymenet yesterday and couldn't. I was just now able to get this site to come up.

I wonder what happened??
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
It was a Time Warner problem. We had to wait for them to fix it.

It might have seemed like 3 days, but it appears to have been from about 9 AM yesterday to 9 AM today.
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
whew, thanks six. thought it ws me or my computer. i've had some snarky things happening lately.
Posted by TN Kim (Member # 26729) on :
Yep, I couldn't get on all day yesterday! Glad it is back!
Posted by angelp (Member # 36878) on :
Thank goodness its back...I thought my phone had a
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I was just having trouble accessing threads here in General. Then I went out of LN and came back.. it was OK.

Posted by dbpei (Member # 33574) on :
So glad it's back up and running!
Posted by TxCoord (Member # 9204) on :
Thanks 6G! Silver and I were concerned as well. Seems like all is well now.

Randi I sent you an e-mail, disregard cuz the board is back up.
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
Whew, glad everything is up and running! I was thinking all kinds of weird thoughts like who did what to lymenet!

Me and my conspiracy theories!


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