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Posted by doglover (Member # 19374) on :
I thinking of using a sauna to help detoxing and help with my health in general and I wonder if I will be able to, where I have a problem with heat.

If I get overheated at all it totally zaps my strength.

Posted by ChristineMany (Member # 16818) on :
If you do so carefully and with someone around...

The sauna helps with the detox process...but also remember that Lyme hates kills the buggers...which could be why your strength gets zapped...toxicity...

Be sure to keep yourself hydrated this will also help with the detox...
Posted by Lauralyme (Member # 15021) on :
Do you mean an infra red sauna?
Because they are not that hot inside.
Still a good idea to start low and slow.

I could never sit in a regular sauna for the length of time that I am in a FIR sauna
Posted by JessieJoy (Member # 37502) on :
No don't do it. Heat was my biggest trigger for setting off a lyme episode. I tried getting in a sauna once when my Lyme was really bad and lived to regret it. Honestly, go somewhere COLD. Let your body rest and get away from the heat. That's why we have winter. It is a period of rest. I recovered a lot during the winter. And now, thanks to the Cowden protocol, I am almost completely healed and heat is no problem.
Posted by doglover (Member # 19374) on :
Laura: yes it is an infared sauna. a sunlighten.

Hopefully I can use it enough to help detox the heavy metals I'm trying to get rid of.

Jessie: never heard of the Cowden protocol. I'll have to research it.
Posted by shadesofpurple (Member # 23923) on :
Everyone is different, but using the sauna has helped me. Lyme hates the heat. So i turn up th eheat whenever i can.

When i was younger i couldnt take hot showers it would make me ill. I would feel like i was going to pass out & a few times i did pass out, lol i didn't know why at the time, i am pretty sure it was lyme dye-off/herx from the hot water.

Now the hotter the better, but it takes time, bump it up gradually adding a minute or two at a time. I use the sauna & hot tub in my routine to keep my lyme in check.

If i start to feel poorly, i schedule more sauna/ tub time.
Posted by faithful777 (Member # 22872) on :
I have the Dynamic Hemlock Infrared sauna I bought at Costco. Great price and I love it. On sale again right now until the end of this month.

I can't stand heat either. I went very slow with the temperature and time in the beginning. Now that I am on IV, I can only go into the sauna 3 days a week when my port isn't accessed. It really helps.
Posted by ChristineMany (Member # 16818) on :

Lyme hates heat...and by keeping yourself cold you are in essence aiding the disease...

I certainly know how uncomfortable and wicked heat can be...but keeping cool is aiding in providing the bacteria with the environment that it needs to survive...

Heat should be approached with it will cause the bacteria to die off...thus it makes us feel horrible...much like a Herx...

But cold is not going to be helpful in destroying the organisms.

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