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Posted by lyme-o (Member # 35115) on :
does anyone have a suggestion for a shake? Everything I look at for hubby has sugar of some sort in it.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
HEMP PROTEIN POWDER is by far the very best I've found. Plain.

Greens powder (be sure it's certified gluten-free if you get wheat grass powder or barley - as from the grass, there is no gluten but it's good to have that certified as GF, just in case.

Otherwise: Spirulina, Chlorella.)

COCOA, carob, or vanilla if desired


if you want, he can put in blender with fruit -- depending upon if he dealing with lyme &/or candida.

Dark berries, cherries and tart apples are best on the glycemic index.

A few ice cubes can make it a frosty treat.

COCONUT MILK or coconut cream can be added, or



To me, it depends on if I'm wanting the "shake" as just some food to get into me or a treat.

Hemp, while a bit grainy, can be stirred up just by itself with greens powder and stevia. It's my first breakfast.

You can use nut milks (but many have additives that I find off-setting). Still, whatever liquid you use

Water from the tap (or filter) is best to stir the first half of the glass. COLD liquids tend to make it harder to mix. After getting a thick mix in the glass, then cold liquids can be stirred in.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
As you scout out choices, regarding additives:;f=3;t=029690;p=0

Excitotoxins; MSG; Aspartame; & "Natural" Flavors
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Not for enjoyment as fruit is not to be added and it can't be mixed in blender - but WHEY can be helpful even just plan to swallow down:

ImmunoPro Rx


Q: What is the best solution to mix it in?

Purified water is the best liquid to thoroughly mix ImmuneProRx�.

Use a sealable container to shake it, or a manual eggbeater.

Do not use an electric blender.

The whey proteins are easily denatured through heat and pH change. Mixing the whey protein with any other types of food can induce a pH change and slow the transit time in the stomach through its digestive response to the solid food.

Liquids that are not neutral in their pH can also denature the proteins, for example: most fruit juices, coffee, and tea.

By following the above guide, the uptake of the undenatured protein fractions in the upper small intestine is optimized.

A small amount of Stevia is an acceptable sweetener, if desired, for palatability. . . .

- Much more detail at link above.

You can also purchase it through various vendors but be sure they don't store it in hot warehouses or keep it on the shelf too long.
Posted by Lauralyme (Member # 15021) on :
I love this

I buy the Oh Natual (green package)
sweetened with stevia
Posted by lyme-o (Member # 35115) on :
Thank You. Lauralyme, I just bought several of those. thx
Posted by AuntyLynn (Member # 35938) on :
My body does NOT like Stevia!!!

(It complained to me for days when someone spiked a baked good with it without warning.)

Another good alternative ...
Start with an eggnog
raw egg
dash vanilla
powdered milk (non-instant if you can find it)
Brewers Yeast (a/k/a Nutritional Yeast IMPORTANT)
calcium carbonate
magnesium citrate

sip throughout the day.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Pasteurized eggs, though, are an important consideration for those wanting a raw egg for any reason.

[Although wonderful nutrition still exists quite well in a cooked egg. IMO, there is never a need to consume raw egg.]

Raw Eggs can carry a deadly bacteria, Salmonella (and perhaps other pathogens, too).

Either skip the egg unless cooked or be certain to use pasteurized eggs when not cooking (even if from an "organic" source or directly from the hen).

Organic eggs or local egg vendors have less chance but Salmonella has been seen there, too.

Still, whether cooking a fresh egg or using a pasteurized egg in a cold recipe, WASH THE EGG FIRST BEFORE BREAKING so that the side of the bowl, pan or dish is not contaminated.

Treat an unwashed whole raw egg like raw meat. Don't touch the shell and then touch anything else, faucets, etc.

Always wash hands immediately after handling eggs (before they are washed and after cracked) - and never reuse egg cartons for hobbies or crafts. Recycle.

Wash all kitchen surfaces where the egg carton has rested.



Pasteurized Eggs


How to Make Protein Shakes with Raw Eggs

If you enjoy the taste of a raw-egg protein shake before or after your workout, it is important to understand the health risks involved with eating raw eggs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that consuming uncooked eggs puts a person at risk of acquiring salmonella.

Caused by the salmonella enteritidis bacteria, salmonella is associated with severe gastrointestinal illnesses that CAN PROVE DEADLY if not addressed early.

Fortunately, this does not mean you have to give up your favorite health drink; instead, choose a healthier egg alternative. . . .

Cont'd at link above.



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Posted by lyme-o (Member # 35115) on :
Unfortunately hes on a "Yeast free" diet. So that lets that out

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