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Posted by Joe28 (Member # 33535) on :
First, I want to thank everyone on this board who has tried to help answer my questions.

I haven't been on here in several months and the reason I have stayed away from this forum is because I have a question that I've been afraid to find out the answer to.

The question is about transmission of lyme and or bartonella.

Basically, I first came on here to find out more about the transmission of lyme and co-infections to a fetus, because my fianc wanted to have a child as soon as we were married.

I transmitted either lyme and bartonella or possibly just bartonella to my fianc during the winter when we first met about 5 years ago.

She developed many of the same symptoms I had experienced when becoming infected, although, to a much less severe extent.

Her and I broke up last June and I started dating someone else a few months after that. I'll call her Rachel.

Because I wasn't on antibiotics when I met my x-finance, but was on them when I started dating Rachel, and based upon what I read on this site and other sources, I thought transmission would be very unlikely if not impossible while on the drugs.

Sadly, I was wrong. Rachel became sick and displayed the same tell-tale symptoms right away.

So now I have infected at least two people.

To complicate things further, I started a liver detox just before I started dating Rachel, and experienced what I thought was a very strong herx reaction, which I had never had before.

I got quite sick, and didn't know what to make of it. I didn't know if I was just herxing, or flushing live lyme bugs out of my liver and gut and back into my blood stream or if the abx had finally stopped working...?

So now, I don't know if Rachel got infected because of my liver detox, which brought back symptoms I haven't had in years, or if she would have been infected anyway without the flare up on my end?

I have not dated anyone else since and don't know what I'm going to do.

I am only 28 and now may be alone for the rest of my life.

Has anyone else found themselves in this position?

Are there any drugs I can take to 100% prevent transmission?

I will never forgive myself if I make someone else sick again.

Thank you,

Posted by jackie51 (Member # 14233) on :
There are still many questions regarding sexual transmission of TBD's.

Lyme, bartonella and babesia are easily contractable. It could be a coincidence that they got sick just after dating you.

Do you have any pets or possible exposure to fleas and/or lots of mosquitos where you live?

Try to find an LLMD who believes sexual transmission is a risk, and go from there.

Good luck and please don't despair. You'll find your answers, just keep looking.
Posted by chastain (Member # 34236) on :
Joe, this is a really difficult issue. I can say that I have an ex boyfriend who I think I definitively gave Lyme too, through sexual transmission. I think it is actually much less common for a female to transmit to a male, but it seems pretty clear that I did. While it is very sad and I feel some guilt, I did not know I was infected at the time and we were in a long term relationship and thus did not use protection.

I do not think that you have to be alone for the rest of your life because of this. Try to forgive yourself as best you can. I wish you the very best. Jess.
Posted by droid1226 (Member # 34930) on :
I don't know what to tell you except that most people with lyme and llmd's do not think it can be transmitted...Which is hard to hear when you have experienced it first hand.

I gave lyme(at least) to my ex. Most people try to connect the dots by saying it was the same environment and could have been the same infected ticks that bit you both. However, that was not our situation as we were not in the same place but frequently had sex.

I think there are too many variables to try and explain them all to a partner...Dormancy despite transmission, low % chance of transmission,non belief in the entire disease by the general public....

Nobody here is gonna be able to tell you 100% of a drug that will stop transmission. I can tell you honestly though that most lyme patients don't inform their partners of the potential risks like and AIDS or Herpes infected person.
Posted by calicarli (Member # 38582) on :
its sexually transmitted period, its the cousin of syphlis how could it not be, dont trip bro, me and my girl gave it to each other also,
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Two options:

Find a partner who has Lyme or always use condoms.

I don't think it matters if you're in a flare or not. You still have it.

Don't give up!! [Smile]
Posted by sakimcgraw (Member # 38583) on :
omigod. so i have had cancer and herpes. I had a thymoma removed 2 years ago and think it is completely over. A boyfriend (hah!!!) gave me herpes about 10 years ago and haven't been with anyone since. Maybe I can find a website for people who have herpes AND Lyme. Recently diagnosed at Beginning of July. Feeling much better on iv cefriaxone of 6 weeks. visiting a lyme literate md next week. I feel as though I am on the mend.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Welcome, Saki! [Smile]

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