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Hello everyone [Smile]

Please forgive me if this is poorly written; I have a lot of difficulty speaking and focusing, especially when I have the terrible pressure headaches I have right now. can barely see the screen.

I found this site a bit over a year ago, but at that point I had already largely ceased doing lyme research because of the great difficulty I have reading/being too sick. So I didnt make an account then.

Started looking at some lyme stuff as best I could again recently and found it again. So decided to try to say hello and talk a little even though it is excruciating. That and sitting around alone waiting to die all day gets a little boring after years [Razz]


I've been sick with lyme, multiple co-infections, parasites and all that great stuff for maybe 11-14 years now. I am [supposed to be] 21 now. Probably infected a few times over the years. Gradually getting worse until pretty much fully dying in 2009. have been at home since then.

Finally got diagnosed with lyme almost 2 years ago now, I think, but my memory is not good. I have been struggling to find a doctor that could help since then and continuing to rapidly decline. Just finally gave up on the 4th (i think) lyme doctor who could not help. Trying to plan what will probly be the final play now.


I dont have any friends or anyone to talk to, havnt for years now. I have a lot of trouble speaking; it is so damn tiring.

Playing video games is one of the few human activities I can still [barely] participate in to get through the days.

I was wondering if anyone with lyme did any gaming/is interested in gaming would like someone else to play with who understands [Smile]

Skill level/ability is of no consequence [Smile]

again please excuse me for this being poorly written. I did my best.

Thanks [Smile] I hope we all get well soon.

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