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Posted by kfamilyofeight (Member # 42384) on :
Today I received my IGENEX results at my doctor's office. I am positive by IGENEX standards, as well as CDC standards. The relief we are feeling to finally have a name to my illness is overwhelming! We are so thankful!

But, now begins the tricky treatment. My doctor was very honest and said that Lyme can be very frustrating for the patient as well as the doctor. He suggested looking for a LLMD, but that they are very hard to find in our area.

He said that he has had some success in treating Lyme patients with 6-8 treatments of Photo Luminessence and also doing a monthly shot of Penicillin for 6-12 months. He wanted to make sure that I understood that there are no guarantees in these treatments, though.

Has anyone else tried these therapies and had success? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Do you mind if I move this to Medical Questions? I want you to get the most help!!

I'm glad you finally have some answers!!

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