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Posted by MTMT (Member # 40756) on :
Has anyone noticed that their "plant and pollen" based allergies are drastically reduced well into treatment?

I have suffered very bad spring time allergies for years. They had seemed to slowly improved over the years but still I relied heavily on OTC antihistamines to get through the spring.

I am about 10 months into treatment and I did not have to use OTC antihistamines at all! Barely a scratchy throat, itchy eyes, blocked nose. The only time I really noticed it was out golfing a few times when the pollen was so thick in the air you could see it blowing. It made me sneeze a lot and have to blow my noze but this spring has been night and day difference than it use to be!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Is your diet really good? If you are staying away from starches and sugars, your body will be better able to handle things like pollens.

Just a thought.

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