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Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
And your pets mouth too!

Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
No body part is sacred.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
That is sick.
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
So sad. I dont want this to be true. I took my two youngest kids to asseteague to get a pony. We named her sassy seashell. When i got sick with lyme i gave her to my sister.

As time went on and ltme spread i often thoght about those ponies. Perfect tick habitat
Posted by MADDOG (Member # 18) on :
I have a theory that the tiniest ticks get under the skin and inside body cavities.

Like jiggers called chiggers also.

Posted by just don (Member # 1129) on :
Wonder IF this is an everyday occurrence? Something we have all overlooked?

Or is this a very rare deal?
Posted by DKat (Member # 30941) on :
At my last visit with the ophthalmologist, I was told they had treated two different people with ticks attached to the white of their eyes. That's gross!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Has to be rare.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
DKat is right. Here is one story about the tick in the eye, a little girl- 8 years old.

Makes me wonder about horses and animals that eat grass.

Just Don, I don't know. I typically don't do a tick check in my mouth and can't say I know folks who do. So I don't know if it is rare or not?

I also read nearly all scientific articles about Lyme & tick borne disease and have not noticed or do not remember any mention of it.

And just so your wagon-riding self knows, I don't make it a habit to check many animals mouths either. There is just not enough hours in the day to do it all.

[Big Grin]
Posted by WPinVA (Member # 33581) on :
I met someone at a LD support group meeting who said that the tick went down into his ear.
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
Ive heard of them in ears. I had a deer fly go in my ear and bite me...while i was taking riding lesson on horse. I got so dizzy i had to get off and go to hospital for doc to take it out
Posted by LisaK (Member # 41384) on :
this is just gross. why did God make this creature.???????


and I found one on my pregnant breast. it was traumatizing, but not as bad as the 16 years that followed!

haha, the other day I felt somehting in my bra and was hysterical. I ran to get the tick tool, the magnifying glass and my husband- screaming the whole time " there's another tick on my boob"!!!!!!

I got to the bathroom and took off my shirt and a popcorn kernel piece fell out on the rug. I was so relieved. hahahaaaaa

ticks in the eye though... I think I would go insane if I had that. temporarily of course.
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
I have seen hundreds of ticks on a cats face all around the eyes. I guess the skin is easier to get thru there. Never saw ine in an eye but it makes sense i guess

I never saw hundreds like that on a dog but if a dog was a stray...out all the tick repellent i bet it could happen

Birds and moose also get infested...thousands
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
Omg. I take that back about dogs. Google ticks on animals. Yuk. So many. So sad. Cows even. I wonder if it affects milk. It does in ppl

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Posted by LisaK (Member # 41384) on :
yes kayak- raw milk form cows!


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