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Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
Hey friends,

"Monsters Inside Me" has a marathon running on animal planet channel today. (No, I haven't been sitting here watching it the whole time! But I really like it.)

I sat down to eat a snack and noticed that the show was one that I hadn't seen about Lyme and Babesia!

The sick girl's name was "Brittany" and she saw a Dr. J (they said his whole name on tv).

Showed how devastated the infections made the girls life. She went several years without diagnosis. Was then only given short cousrse. Was told cured! But she got worse, for several more years.

Finally ended up with doc J who diagnosed her properly and treated her long term for her multiple infections. This has helped her to slowly regain her life.

I make it sound boring, sorry, just trying to summarize without writing the story. So watch it! Maybe on demand cable or via animal planet web page or just google... You guys are smarter than me about finding stuff.
Posted by healthywealthywise (Member # 8595) on :
My older brother called me to tell me he saw it.....was so excited that he found good info on the disease for me.

Said the girl had lyme and couldn't get better. Went to new doc for new test which showed she had multiple coinfections. When they treated these, she got better.

I thanked him for caring and letting me know. I guess he forgot I told him I have lyme +co's years ago...even told him which ones. Like many, he didn't really "hear me" and only heard lyme from me.

It was only when he saw the show he understood how bad life is with these diseases, but seemed down he wasn't giving me "the answer" to my illness.

Still, it was so nice he thought of me enough to let me know he kind of got it. But bummed he wasn't supplying curing info for me.

That's why it's so important for shows like this to be least the word and awareness is getting out.

Wish doctors and the CDC were forced to watch it.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
You're sure it was a new one? That's cool!

healthy .. that was very nice of your brother! I bet he learned a lot!

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