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Posted by Eight Legs Bad (Member # 13680) on :
Dear friends

It has taken me about 25 attempts, from 25 different computers in 25 different locations in different parts of London, to be able to post successfully to Lymenet.

Here is what I was trying to post.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
ELB: Thanks for your continued efforts. I don't have the capacity to read through all that now but hope to focus bit by bit.
Posted by NanceLynn (Member # 47321) on :
Wow, what efforts to send this in ... I skipped through to see bits so far ...

Thank you from "across the pond"!
Posted by Eight Legs Bad (Member # 13680) on :
It's a strange feeling, to actually be able to successfuly post to LymeNet again.

Just to clarify - a few points.

1. My problems in posting here are not due to an action of the moderators here (they have been trying to help)

2. The problem did not begin when I tried to post this Healing Well forum thread here. It has happened to me and some of my colleagues on and off over the years, but a few months ago, it suddenly became a blanket interference such that I struggled to get through EVERY time I tried to post, despite using many different private and public machines in different locations in London.

3. It happened to others who have similar views to me on the issues I was posting about at the time.

4. The issues I was posting about were two-

a) I was opposing the invitation to the LDA/Columbia Lyme conference of Dr. Tim Brooks, our chief Lyme Denialist and head of Lyme testing at the Porton Down biowarfare lab in England.

b)I was arguing against user "Duncan", who believes the C6 Elisa is a good test. The C6 Elisa, like all Elisas in Lyme, is an insensitive test. It is our first tier of the 2-tier method here in UK, and we are at the bottom of the Lyme detection league tables in Europe.

The C6 is, however, the current darling of CDC and of course Tim Brooks.

Why I was able to post this message successfully yesterday here on Lyme Net, I don't know. I suspect that those who were illegally interfering with my rights to free speech and freedom of expression just slipped up somehow.

Many times, when I have sat down at a computer that was perfectly able to acccess any other website, I would get a message saying the "connection has been reset" and it would simply be impossible to access Lymenet at all.

At other times, I could access the website, but the moment I tried to login, I would get a message saying my IP was banned.

The possibility that those dozens of IPs in different parts of London were used by different people to access Lymenet at all, much less to target Lymenet maliciously, is so remote as to be absurd.

Rather, someone maliciously triggered that protection system.
Posted by Eight Legs Bad (Member # 13680) on :
I'd also like to point out that I am posting to Lymenet today (Sat 30 Jan 2016) from a different location and different device as the one I used yesterday, and in fact the machine and network I'm using right now is one I have been consistently blocked from in the past.

So perhaps the fact that I slipped through yesterday, with my message that beagn this thread, that it has taken me 25 attemtps to be able to post to Lymenet about what the UK government has done, has made someone think it might be prudent to withdraw their illegal activities?

As the Healing Well thread is very long, I will post a very summarised version of the thread here soon (assuming I'm able to get back in!)


Ps I also posted yesterday on Medical re Dr Macdonald's latest discoveries - very important stuff.
Posted by duncan (Member # 46242) on :

That would be duncan, not Duncan.

Any inferences one should draw from your dropping my name?
Posted by Eight Legs Bad (Member # 13680) on :
I did not say that the illegal interference with my communications was because of you, Duncan.

I said that it was because I opposed your view that the insensitive C6 elisa is a good test.

It's not.

Posted by duncan (Member # 46242) on :
Cool. [Smile]

There are some people I hold in high regard that seem to share your low regard for the C6, Elena.

I am trying to get clarification from them. Alternatively, I could look up my old notes, but I wager I will never find them.

Glad to see you back.
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Elena is right - from what I understand, the C6 peptide test is not an accurate test. I'd hate to see the same argument start up between the two of you again here. Just want to add what I know about testing, so we can move on from the topic, hopefully?
Posted by Eight Legs Bad (Member # 13680) on :
Thanks Robin - dont worry, I don't intend to discuss the uselessness of the C6 Elisa for Lyme in this thread.

I'll post a summary of the Healing Well thread very soon as I realise it's quite long.

I am amazed that after months of struggling to be able to post to Lymenet (or even access the website) from dozens of different computers in different locations, it now appears, after I flagged up serious illegal interference in electronic communications, I have been able to post here 3 times in a row, from 3 different places, with no problems at all.


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