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Posted by ohioperson22 (Member # 47837) on :
Do you drive a car?

I don't drive more than to my local pharmacy when I need to, because the thought of passing out, fainting, or sudden death behind the wheel makes me nervous.

I wonder if I'm overreacting?

I sincerely don't think Lyme is my only problem compared to some people on this site, but I'm running out of reasons I feel on the verge of collapse behind the wheel.

I'm terrified I'll never be able to drive on an interstate again. Crap, I used to be able to drive from DIA all the way to Keystone or Winter Park with zero issues, and now sitting at a stop-light in my hometown gives me terrors of sudden collapse.
Posted by Pocono Lyme (Member # 5939) on :
I stopped driving when I couldn't remember if a red light meant stop or go.

I only drive now if I absolutely have to. (short distances) I now know what the road signs/lights mean but any stress makes me symptomatic.

Adrenal related. I have to almost do normal things about ten times before they don't stress me out and cause symptoms.
Posted by healthywealthywise (Member # 8595) on :
I don't drive anymore either.....I realized it when I was driving one day and my body just started shaking in the middle of a busy road. Couldn't stop my leg from pumping on and off on the gas.

It was a muscle reaction/jerk to be sure, but when I finally stopped (my leg still jumping even on the brake!) I drove home and handed my keys to my husband and said, I"m not going on that road again".

Ohio, what happens to you sounds so much like the panic attacks I started to have......all triggered by a road on my way to work. It was so physical, that I stopped at an unknown doctor's office I saw on the way.

First it was the leg only but then my heart felt like it stopped beating but w/a slam. I couldn't breathe, felt like I was passing out and here I was driving on the road. Had to pull over to go into that same doctor's office a few week's earlier. It escalated from there......

This my friend, was the beginning of my lyme journey of no questions answered, no tests that showed and misdiagnosis.

It was one of my early symptoms but it doesn't prove it is or isn't lyme related. Just a thought. I worked so hard for years, overcoming my driving phobia as if it was a panic attack. And it was....but one of the first symptoms that led me down this lyme nightmare.
Posted by me (Member # 45475) on :
I still drive, but I don't have a history of fainting, seizures, or anything like that. I think it depends on each person's health and symptoms.
Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
My hubby gave up driving several years ago...

It started out with feeling like he could pass out / faint, whatever you want to call it. He said he didn't feel safe behind the wheel anymore.

We think it was adrenal related - most likely Lyme induced. He had stopped driving several times then as he felt better again would start driving again. This was all pre lyme diagnose.

Currently not driving at all. He is hoping to one day be able to get back on the road again.

BTW, he never has passed out or fainted, just felt like he could.
Posted by ohioperson22 (Member # 47837) on :
Adrenal related meaning you think the adrenals have stopped producing aldosterone to maintain fluid volume and blood pressure?
Posted by ohioperson22 (Member # 47837) on :
There is a lyme book author out there who said when all treatments and failed and he was on verge of suicide, he drove on, I think, like a 12 hour drive in the middle of the night to get to some doctor in seattle.

Clearly, his idea of being at the end of the line is not my idea of it. If I could drive for 12 hours, straight up, if I could do that.... then I'd be working, traveling, having fun.

Umm, Wow.
Posted by MADDOG (Member # 18) on :
I try not to drive when exhausted and falling asleep.

However my neighbor forces me out with the smoke so i drive while nodding off over and over.

I have tried to get the smoke stopped,called the EPA,the Ohio dnr,the sheriff,the local POA guards,and went to a POA meeting and ask for stricter fire rules.

No one will tell the neighbor he can't build a giant fire out of any green or wet rotten wood in a wind storm ,blowing on my house.

So if I fall asleep go left of center and people die.

IT IS NOT MY FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And whenever I leave I drive my giant Dodge diesel 4x4 it will smash anything but a semi truck.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I go crazy if I can't drive.

Very thankful that I'm able to do so.
Posted by bluelyme (Member # 47170) on :
I get hypoglycemic episodes but can feel them coming ...if vertigo is bad i dont drive ...trying to keep some independence
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
I still drive. have too many errands that need doing.
Posted by ohioperson22 (Member # 47837) on :
To the people who haven't driven for a long time, have you successfully treated lyme? Are you recovered, yet still don't drive?
Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
My husband treated Lyme & Babesia until he became too toxic to continue. He is now working on detoxing.

He still has a long way to go to be considered 'recovered'. Some things are better than they had been. But no, he's not well enough to drive.

He will drive again once he improves enough.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
During the worst time with lyme, I was just wondering, HOW are lyme sufferers ALLOWED to drive?!! [Big Grin]

I felt I was a total danger. I could not concentrate well on anything. I was not even able to talk well, to remember where I was driving.

When I finally remembered, I lost my way.

When I finally arrived, I realized I had no WALLET to buy what I wanted.

Well, then I had to drive home, but I forgot the way home.

I had an accident due to attention problems. The first in my life. Since then, I realized I was a real danger.

If you feel unsure, don't drive. When your health gets better, you can do everything again. If you have concentration problems, extreme fatigue, seizures, etc, don't drive!

My insurance raised after the accident, and I had to pay more for many years!!! Now it's down again, and I am driving, no problem at all!!
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
It's one of my Lyme casualties, as I can't turn my head right comfortably enough to drive. I enjoyed driving and gettin' around! At least I live in an area with excellent transportation.

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