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I can't believe the idiots are still trying to make people believe there is no Lyme disease in Arkansas. I feel for you. So sorry that this long after it was discovered it is still happening there.

We went thru that too for a LONG time in many states in the mid-Atlantic, not being from Lyme, CT, and it was a major battle to fight. All the while people were becoming disabled and dying from it.

I can't find how to contact you, and I suck with FB, so I posted some results of research I did on one of my pages hoping it will help in some way.

What it shows clearly is the authors on this latest study have NO connection to Lyme and ticks and are just publishing garbage. It is just a bunch of toads doing it (some girl ones too).

In TX they brought in a doc years ago- female, foreign and most likely thinking she had some special luck to get the offer to work. Her job was to convince everyone Lyme was not in Texas and later to say it was no big deal.

She was (still is I assume) an IDSA flunky being used to support their garbage.

A female, foreign, wanting to work in the USA would say/do just about anything to keep their job and she did bow down to them. Insisted there was NO Lyme disease in TX.

They later sent her to Maryland (eastern shore) and used her in the same way. It feels to me like they use these women docs like a man would use and abuse his spouse. Full control. So sad.

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More info here...
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You may have some of these.

1991 Study- "Approximately 18 percent of the 248 collected ticks tested positive for either the spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi or a spirochete species similar to burgdorferi. About 24 percent of the Lone Star ticks and 20 percent of the black-legged ticks were positive.

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