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Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :
I am trying to help a friend who is needing the information re: the links between TBDs and cancer. I would appreciate any and all help as soon as possible. THANK YOU so much in advance!
Posted by just don (Member # 1129) on :
this one?
Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :
Oh THANK YOU my dear friend! I didn't see that one.
Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :

I found this one too... are there any more?
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
You won't believe it. I just finished (1/2 hour ago) putting all the cancer, inflammation, doxy info together and updated the website to reflect the changes and additions.

Also contacted the American Cancer Society tonight to see what they could offer for patients facing a cancer diagnosis. It appears a good amount, but don't mention the word "Lyme".

They have a 24/7 help line and have been helpful and friendly. (Till you mention Lyme, then they can't seem to be able to help.)

Anyhow, that info and the rest of the science can be easily accessed at this one link now. Finally.

Guess I must have known you were going to ask this exact question tonight. I THINK that makes you a freak. Right?

Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :
I so love you Moonbeam.I just knew in my heart that you would be the one to come to. You have provided hope and information where there was fear and helplessness. Thank you for all that you do and for helping our friend. It means the world to us both!

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