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Posted by Muscle Car55 (Member # 34707) on :

"In a bid to combat an epidemic fish disease, last year Chile’s aquaculture industry doused its salmon with 557 metric tons of antibiotics."

Governments and corporations will lead you to believe that overuse of antibiotics in medical field are reason for resistant bugs, couldn't be further from the truth...

Commercial farming both land and sea is a major cause for resistant bacteria on this planet, aka farming for profit... Rather than having small business farms owned by you and I, big corporations push out the little guy and this is what we're left with.
Posted by dal123 (Member # 6313) on :
Bull****. I took abx for TWO years. DId this cause drug resistant superbugs? NO? So have countless other people. Research is flawed.
Posted by Muscle Car55 (Member # 34707) on :
I'm going on 5 years, you definitely have to take probiotics and yogurt, plus milk thistle to keep your system healthy. Along with breaks...

Overuse of antibiotics in medical industry could possibly lead to superbugs no doubt... But I think too much of the blame tends to be on the people and not enough on the corporations that misuse antibiotics and other drugs like hormones to mass produce food for profit. They hide these facts and the news never reports about them.

We all eat this meat, I do try to by Amish chicken and organic beef, but not everyone can afford it. So you consume food that's overloaded with antibiotics, imagine what that does inside our bodies... Along with the environment!

Organic farming is healthier for the planet and us! When you start mass producing things, that's where problems come in. These are living breathing animals, not toys and gadgets...

These problems of superbugs have lead to another extraordinary evil called Monsanto. Which corporations now believe they can regulate the superbugs by using GMO crops, but thing they never anticipated was GMO crops creating super bugs

I'm not a fan of capitalism, nor should a lot of religious people should be. It completely contradicts their faith, as the Pope came over here and said, yet people still keep voting for the same people.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you who to vote for, but consider what's going on and where it's leading us in the future. If we're going to survive on this planet, it won't be in the form of a capitalistic government...

The whole Obesity epidemic is the same thing! Government, doctors, and corporations blame it on the people! Well what about the fast foods ads that are shown constantly on the TV. The poor choices they give our kids at school in the lunch room or even on the job with us adults. The grocery stores are filled more with garbage than healthy food.

I sympathize with obese people, as do with people who get addicted to prescription meds. A good documentary to watch is Prescription Thugs... How long are we going to let the government and corporations manipulate us!

I'm trying to get my girlfriend to completely cancel our TV subscription to Comcast. There's nothing educational anymore on TV... Reason why they want to end net neutrality on the internet as well, so they can take over the internet. It's the last freedom of expression we have, so we better value it.

Anways, hope everyone is well, thought I'd chime and post this important article!
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
What is drug resistance?

Medical definition:

"The ability of bacteria and other microorganisms to resist the effects of an antibiotic to which they were once sensitive. "

Is borrelia already a super-bug?

In the past, it used to die after a couple of weeks of doxy. Today, years of doxy still can't kill it.

Nor many magic mixes of drugs. At least, not always.

If it's not already a superbug, it feels already like one....
Posted by Muscle Car55 (Member # 34707) on :
P.S. I let you in on a little secret Brussels, everything on this planet evolves [Wink] For those of us human beings that still doubt evolution...

Should borrelia be classified as a superbug, of course, it's a spirochete and a lot more advanced than traditional bacteria.

As John Hopkins Hospital showed it took chemo to completely kill all of the bacteria in vitro.

However way you want to look at it, all organisms have self defense mechanisms on this planet. Biofilms is borrelia's major defense, prolly so so is cyst forms, as well as other things it may do.

Not all organisms have strong enough self defense mechanism to stay alive, why some organisms go extinct, then others grown in their place somehow related to previous extinct organism, but they are a much stronger organism.

While we're polluting the hell out of this planet, ticks may be the earth's own self defense mechanism to keep a certain species in check(humans).

Considering what we know now with science and technology, it's safe to assume everything on this planet is here for a reason to create a balance.

What happens to organisms when you screw up the balance, well one would assume major extinction levels...

I would say, the first mistake us capitalism humans made is, thinking they can take a natural resource or organism on this planet, then patent it and sell it in bulk for mass profit, while trying to use their money and US military to control the world.

Artificial Intelligence is right around the corner, I wonder what it's going to think of these capitalistic human beings doing this?

Hopefully they'll be the first to go... The 1%ers are using the technology against us now, but it may blow up in their face eventually...

This is how I look at the whole situation currently.

Originally posted by Brussels:
What is drug resistance?

Medical definition:

"The ability of bacteria and other microorganisms to resist the effects of an antibiotic to which they were once sensitive. "

Is borrelia already a super-bug?

In the past, it used to die after a couple of weeks of doxy. Today, years of doxy still can't kill it.

Nor many magic mixes of drugs. At least, not always.

If it's not already a superbug, it feels already like one....

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Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I find it crazy that people don't mind about what's going on, inside, beside, and beyond them.

If you have kids, you inevitably start thinking about the near future, and even, much longer, in hopes of a better world for them and their children.

Super-bugs are already here, for some time. Maybe not only due to excessive use of abx, but also to other pollutants that also act like life-disruptive causes and change the path of evolution.

What remains after you dump so many toxins and drugs in the environment, are not gentle critters, easy for our bodies to fight.

We are much slower in catching up with evolution.

Every new chemical component thrown in the environment will be one thing for bacteria and viruses, that will evolve fast to try to adapt to it.

But it's totally different for us, that live 20-40 years before reproducing.

Every 30 years, we already have thousands of new components to deal with, in ONE generation. It's a lost war.

We have no chance to compete with fast evolving bacteria, viruses, not even flies, ticks, mosquitoes...

That is why they seem to get 'stronger', while we seem to get weaker, in my view.

Pull out the strongest guns against these tiny beings on top of their struggle to survive polluted environments (such as abx or whatever, chemio, radio frequencies, etc), the result may be a short term victory.

But we will need more struggle to win the next attack. They evolve fast and create new mechanisms to survive.

Drugs are for me something ALREADY from the past.
I don't have even aspirin at home, at this exact moment. They are all expired.

I have very low belief on them, in the long term.

Short term, why not using some chlorine in the pool to take a swim in a green swimming pool?

Long term, I'm with you, you got to open spaces in your mind and heart and accept sharing the environment with beings to whom we own our existence and evolution: bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, the whole of the ecosystem.

Buhner keeps saying: the bacteria are not our enemies. They are our ANCESTORS!! [Smile]

Super-bug or not super-bug: the question is much higher, in my view.

Civilizations came and went, some pretty fast. We don't even know how some civilizations fell so fast, vanished from the surface of the planet.

Usually, I think excess of self-confidence and selfishness lead to blindness, and they fell. Exactly where we are now, I fear.

Sometimes, possibly, just a disease was enough to eliminate them. Add inter breeding of few families, the result may be catastrophic.

I remember how dental cavities killed most of the south American original population, as their bodies didn't know how to attack Streptococcus mutans (the cavity bacteria). They died by thousands, millions.

Super bugs is one way some will perish, for sure.

But common bugs too, as our immune systems are too much messed up.

We don't even need bugs to become sick: just see all the diabetes, neuro-diseases, metabolic diseases in small children.

My heart hurts to see babies who can't produce proper SKIN, proper nails, hair, not even bones. Babies who react to so many foods with rash and terrible tummy aches.

It does feel like a boomerang effect: we humans did the mess, we humans pay. But we did mess with other slow evolving creatures too...

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