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Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
yesterday i bought restaurant cards, gave some cash, bought movies and mailed it all.

today I did the christmas cards.

thats it, all done, I quit, kaput, fini...

all out of energy and bordering on who gives a ----.

color me grinch green. I don't even want anything.

Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
Girl......put your feet up, have a hot cup of either kava kava or st johns wort tea and pop a zanax!

No, no.....just kidding! Well done! I still have a little shopping left and gift wrapping. I completely forgot cards (thanks for reminder) so need to get on the ball with those.

I'm not working this year so more chillaxed and enjoying time with my fam.

Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Just relax and enjoy the holidays. Keep is simple is my motto.
Posted by grakay (Member # 48057) on :
Go you! Years ago I adopted the "no presents for x'mas" ever - and finally relented into only exchanging gifts with my brother. I do send out cards, I've only done 1 so far. So not ready to do more.
Posted by Notti (Member # 43843) on :
I do love Christmas time.
I'm just glad I'm here. Glad to be alive.
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
Love it Randi! I wish I had done that (gift cards). I've decided I'm only giving holiday cards to those who send them to us. That will save me so much time.
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
mine are actually restaurant gift cards. works better and they don't have to go shopping. you can't get much for even 25 bucks now but you can eat.

I got red lobster, panera, chikfila, texas roadhouse, outback, places like that.

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