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Posted by 6Hypnone (Member # 47629) on :
I've had bumps (like size of mosquito bites or zits) that itch, usually one or a few at once (usually on face or neck)
Ive had smaller bumps that itch, usually clustered together in like 3-4 (anywhere--feet, stomach, neck...)--these will get darker red and stop itching in a few days.
I've had just a somewhat sensitive sensation on hand or finger, maybe slightly painful due to sensitivity or slightly burning. This can last for many many months.
Is this the lyme, co infec, candida, and/or the effects of treatment for these things? I think all my lyme doc said was it could be lyme. (I feel like I'm a bother w/my questions for them. One in particular can act like 'how dare i call her'; the other, even w/an urgent issue, seems to wait to answer me.)
Posted by faithful777 (Member # 22872) on :
**moving to medical questions**

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