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Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi <<<<< LymeNet Family >>>>>,

I don't know much about the procedures, but getting my profile done awhile back was interesting to say the least.

Does anyone know, if Lyme and Co's might alter the results at all ??? I had some interesting surprises in my background,as they have revealed more.

Evidently the way the markers are read, somethings that one knows for positive may not show. I know for we ladies,we don't get the 'Y' per say,but the 'X'.

I was told a bit of info' comes from the Fathers side,and his Father. but not a lot, compared with the Mothers side.

But I am curious, if the LD and Co's could alter things very much? I know they said a simple cold shouldn't.But there is nothing simple about LD and Co's.

If anyone knows,or has tho'ts about this ,I'd love to know!!! Thanks for any tho'ts or ideas.

Jus' Silverwolfi playing laundress today.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
How or what could it alter? Your DNA is your DNA .. now we CAN have mutations that are NOT affecting us. In other words, it can look bad, but the mutation has not had medical consequences yet.

As far as ancestry .. I don't think any illness can alter that.
Posted by map1131 (Member # 2022) on :
Silver, sign up for this on line summit Aug 21-28th.

I've had my 23&me results for a few years and I've researched and researched trying to figure out what the heck it all means.

I'm hopeful that this summit is going to help me understand more about my genetic mutations.

They are trying to get you to buy, just disregard all that and sign up for the FREE on line speakers.

Really looking forward to this myself.

Posted by TrekCoord (Member # 48888) on :
I think an illness in parent/grandparent that was not inherited (herbicides) can alter DNA and make children/grandchildren susceptible.

More and more grandchildren of Vietnam War vets are being dx'd with diseases the vets acquired in the war due to exposure, that were not indicative in the family genetics.

Example: neither side of my family, or any of my siblings, have/had diabetes (except my sister and hers was brought on by other factors), yet I do and the VA has accepted that the presumed exposure to herbicides is the root cause.

There is also this:
"scientists have discovered that the trauma experienced by one generation can alter genes and those mutations can be passed along to offspring."

"Smoking cannabis alters a person's DNA, causing mutations, experts say
These mutations can trigger serious illness, including cancer
Mutations passed to children and future generations, raising their risk too"
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Yes... I wasn't sure what she was asking. I thought she was referring to ancestry.

Lyme can also cause mutations... probably any major illness could do it, as well as pesticides and herbicides.
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi there <<<<< Lymetoo, map1131, and TrekC'-hon' >>>>>,

I haven't had the medical mutations etc. part done yet, and hope to add that later.

A relative had theirs done as well, just the ancestry part,and had some puzzling things in it.or rather a lack of certain known info' similar to mine.

I figure that it is the X and Y factors, if various DNA is back away-s down the ancestral path and it is we woman.It may be it is just far enough back it doesn't show?

I read of a number of cases among folk of Melungeon Heritage where this happened. It was different yet again. Two sisters of the same mother and father.

In their case one showed certain ancestral heritage,that the other did not. And yet they had positive proof of both having the same parents, grandparents, and so on.

I am very curious about what the genetics will show when I can do the other part of the test. Sorry if the question was confusing, I was not sure how to frame it properly.

I am rather curious about a lot of things to do with ancestral heritage, and about health and or lack of it,and what part genetics and DNA play in all of it.

On the non-medical front, I was very interested to find that certain decorating styles that I like, fall hand in glove w/ DNA evidence that I never knew I had,'til after the test.

One friend suggests that it is likely due to our cells and our brains knowing things that we don't consciously realize that we know. Interesting tho'ts, to say the least.

Once we have the last of Dads estate issues completed, and we see what VA is or isn't going to do w/ TrekC's disability, maybe I can get the other part of the testing done. It'll depend on finances.

We have more medical stuff, to deal with, part of which is most likely going to be out of pocket expenses for us,so I am waiting.

Thanks for tho'ts and info',links etc.

Jus' Silverwolfi here
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi <<<<< LymeNet Family >>>>>,

Has anyone here had a similar experience, of known ancestral heritage w/in their family that did not show up in a 23nme test?

I was delightfully surprised at some things that showed up in my report, and just as puzzled at some info' that did not show.

As mentioned in my reply post above this one,it seems to happen in at least some cases of Melungeon Heritage.

I ask because it is an interesting puzzle to me, and helps me think of other things, when I am working on healing up.

[A bit frustrated right now,as I'm having to do 'arm resting', or maybe upper body resting is a better phrase. I've evidently strained main incision area, arms and right shoulder, so no lifting or exercise involving upper body right now.

Also, LD bugs, seem to be taking a toll,and IBS/IC issues rearing themselves ... Aarrghhh....Owoooooo. ].

I am Okay, just trying hard to be patient, and think of other things, besides that achy strained feeling.

Jus' Silverwolfi here wonderin'
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi <<<<< LymeNet Family >>>>>,

Jus' checking on this topic one more time, as the DNA Ancestry matter is really puzzling to me.

Perhaps folk of Melungeon Heritage, have the DNA situation ,and others do not?? I mean, where some things that you know are in your DNA- Ancestry background don't show up.

It is evidently, maybe not common for this to happen?! And I was really hoping to find out if it has happened to others here.

So, if no one here has had this occur, I'll move on, to other topics. But I am very curious, so I'll be continuing to research on my own.

Jus' Curious Silverwolfi here
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I had never heard of this so I had to look it up.

One thing is that 23andme bases their reports on members who have reported what heritage they already know about.

So maybe many who are of Melungeon Heritage are not aware of their it was not reported.
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi <<<<< Lymetoo >>>>>,

Thanks for the reply,and the link, we've been having computer issues, again, still... so I am looking for a lot of my 'favorites' tagged articles. Among them are several about folk of Melungeon heritage.

I learned about them, from a friend on the old Ya-Yas board whose husband was Melungeon. After some research, it is likely that there is Melungeon Heritage in my family.

Daniel Boone, Elvis Presley, and President Abe Lincoln, are all said to be of Melungeon heritage. Somewhere down the ancestry lines on my Paternal Grandmas side, we are related to Dan'l Boone.

Likely some folk on my Moms side of the family were of Melungeon heritage as will take awhile to untangle even part of it.

The main puzzling situation I heard of was from a prominent family involved w/ the Melungeon Heritage group.

The Gentlemans two daughters, had their DNA run, both proven of the same parents, the girls results were quite different. i forget exactly what mix which daughter had,but it was really differnt.

As an example, to sisters same family, one shows say 1/3 Native American Indian, the the other doesn't show any Indian, they both show, Northern European, and say Scots-Irish, but one shows some Turkish Heritage , the other sister, not.

I can't remember who showed what, or which countries,but they had the DNA proving they had the same parents. Perhaps we ladies, because we don' get much of the DNA info' from our fathers lineage ???

Anyway it was really odd, don't know if has happened to the guys?

I was told,we ladies, will get our Fathers, and maybe his Fathers heritage info' but not much beyond it. So perhaps that muddies the waters,in trying to solve all this.

Anyways,it fascinates me,and I have been trying to discover more info'. Unless it is very recent I am the first one in my immediate family to have had the 23andme run.

And some of my more distant cousins have some of the DNA that I was pretty certain should be in my DNA .

There are some of my close relatives that know, about the particular DNA,I was looking for,and we had confirmation that it is in our bloodlines. But it didn't show in mine, lots of other fun and interesting things did tho'!

So I shall puzzle on thru', if I find out anything else,about this, I'll post more on it all.

Thanks again!

jus' Silverwolfi here

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