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Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
This was written by a school chum of long ago.... We ran into each other a few years ago in my hometown, so we've been on FB together for the past few years.


The Chickies have finished their homework and had their dinner and their cookie. While they are enjoying those chocolate chips, I have to say just a tiny little thing about today.

Oct. 4, 2017

You know how the instructions come in from your children to care for your Grand Kids and sometimes they seem so detailed? They seem to overdo …. to be sure that while they are out of town, the GM can do their best.

I will say that the chickies sometimes seem to have more extracurricular or sport activities than when I was raising my tribe. Still here is my point…several, several, several, times I was instructed to be sure and look out for Mitchel’s Middle School friend, Michael.

He didn’t show up on Monday so I mentioned it to my daughter.

He didn’t show up on Tuesday, and AGAIN, I let my daughter know because I didn’t want the parents to be concerned that I wasn’t there…because I WAS there. Mitchel let me know that he saw Michael but that his Mom had been there afterall, the previous 2 Days before.

Still and again, 2 days had gone by. But it had, also, been 3 nights as I was to find out.

Today, Michael showed up. He sat in the car with Mitchel and we listened to the vocal group Imagine Dragon and hummed and the boys sang and sang. Then we had to plug in the charger to keep Mitchel’s phone going.

I asked my regular GM questions for …How was your day? How much homework do you have? How’s it goin?

So, here’s the Shadow of how the smallest of young little children come into your life and humble you and make you tear up and encourage you to give more hugs back to them.

Michael said (and for the sake of NO last name privacy) …” Well, my Dad is finally home and taking a small rest and then he will go back to work. I responded, “What does your Dad do?”

“My Dad is a Doctor at a trauma center at a place called UMC”.

I about fell over.

“How is your Dad doing?”, I said as I tried to remain calm and poised talking to this young boy. “

“He’s tired. He’s been there since Sunday.”

I was well aware. I came back with, “Is there anything we can do for your family?”

He only said, as he skipped over my offer…

” You, know what? A Military man came up to the hospital over and over, my Dad said.”
Um…my Dad said that he was in the crowd last Sunday and he looked for a truck and looked and looked till he found a white one that was open and had keys in it.

He just hopped in the truck and drove to one hurt person and loaded them up and took them to my Dad. Then he turned around and went back and got another person that was hurt and took them to my Dad. My Dad was so surprised to see the Military man come to his hospital over and over and over and over.”

I quickly responded, “What heroes that Military man and your Dad are.”

Another song came on by then, from Imagine Dragon, “What Ever It Takes”. Michael was singing it so fast that I was just in awe to be in the presence of this young boy. How well he knew the words. How he kept tune in the same beat and the same tone as the group. How each word seemed to reflect what he had just told me.

You never know who is gonna stroll into your path and over shadow all the current events of a week and remind you of the presence of heroes in your midst … and a GREAT story of his Dad and the Military man … as they did …. WHAT EVER IT TAKES on 10 - 1- 2017.

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Posted by map1131 (Member # 2022) on :
Wow! What a story. Americans amazed me in times of trouble. Such heroes.

Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi <<<<< Lymetoo >>>>>,

Thanks for posting this story! That Military fella is a true hero!

So many heroes have been shown, doing what they can to help. One young fella, was down to a pair of cutoffs, because he was covering the faces of the deceased.

The news groups talked to him,and he said in essence.'these are people,they died horribly, decent folk from all over. They deserve some respect!

It made me cry, he was concerned about, the living and the dead. Folk looking for loved ones. As described it was like a war zone.

We live in a great Country, our USA, problems and all!!!

Jus' Silverwolfi here

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