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Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hi there <<<<< Lymenet Family >>>>>,

After recent problems with foods etc. related to celery, I am making a list of things not to eat.
These are all interrelated foods spices and so on.

List: Celery,celery root,celeriac, fennel. parsley,parsnip,carrots, anise,cumin,cilantro,coriander,caraway,angelica,
and Giant fennel[also called asafetida/asafoetida,hing,hingra,and ting].

I am sure there are more, so this is only a partial list.

If you are encountering lots of food allergies please be aware. So many foods/herbs/spices can be interrelated.

For me, I am seriously wondering about MCAS/MCAD, and Salicylate allergies too. Skin rashes sore throats and so on,are no fun,and can turn dangerous if one goes into anaphylaxis.

As to celery, various types of it are used in many ,many food preparations, including GF foods.

Please feel free to add other items that may be interrelated foods/herbs/spices wise. It can be a bit frightening, to say the least, to suddenly have allergen issues and not know why.

Jus' Silverwolfi learning
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Sore throats are definitely linked to salicylates.

With sals, all spices except chives are out the window.

I'll move this to Medical Questions for you.

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