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Posted by michael mcelroy (Member # 51057) on :
Hi Everyone I have taken time out of my many hours in bed due to the feeling of flu symptoms bloody noses headaches, achey joints to point of colapse fever and nausea constantly now I have tremers beginning in my left arm.

I am in tyler texas I have went and been dropped by three drs and infectios diseas clinic as soon as I show my post western blot test for lyme 1.45 and tell them my symptoms. They tell me there is no such thing and please dont come back.

Ok My question is now where do I go. I was just told the texas medical board threatens to close any dr that treats lyme Really !!!! why the hell are they doing this.

I need a support group in tyler texas and would welcome anyone to email me and join or give me a dr in tyler texas or near by that is not afraid of the medical board. I dont mind being treated under a disguise diagnosis if it saves me . Please help!!!
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Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Before anyone decides to move this.. it's already over in Seeking a Doctor...

So... Michael... I understand your frustration. I got lucky and moved from Texas before I figured out I might have Lyme.

There is a doctor in the Metroplex area. I can send you info if no one else does.

You might try Facebook groups on Lyme also.

Here are the support groups we have listed on Lymenet:

It's kinda late now, but if you stay here very long, you might want to change your screen name so your insurance company does not follow you around.

Most of us here will not email a stranger .. but you might get lucky there.

Hang in there and follow every lead!
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
It's political - there's a lot of denial going on. I now have Lyme brochures with me when I go to appts!

As soon as you can get to a Lyme-treating doctor, things will start to turn around for you, so just have patience during the wait period. There are many ways to treat Lyme.

In the meantime you can educate yourself here and chat with any area support groups, if you have any.

At the top of Medical Questions, there's a sticky, "Important Information about Lyme and co-infections." Lots of info there. Burrascano 2008 guidelines is a good one to read through.

Search function here at the top of the page - you can type in any word or phrase and archived threads will come up. Just know we're all different in how we respond to anything and the trick is to find what works for us.
Posted by dal123 (Member # 6313) on :
Go after the IDSA and Texas Medical Board. You have positive tests they are refusing to treat you for. Google David Kocurek Lyme IDSA lawsuit. It was just filed in Texas and lists the law firms representing his estate and 28 people. Why not call the law firm and talk to them about what you are experiencing?

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