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Posted by Neko (Member # 46592) on :
Been absent awhile, was doing great, about 2.5 years into treatment I was working part time. Then I hit a plateau.

After Christmas I took a turn for the worse, ended up in ER with extreme fatigue. Muscle weakness, short of breath, excruciating nerve pain. They basically yelled at me saying I was wasting their time. I honestly thought I was finally dying.

Found an environmental doc, found out I have developed allergies to corn, yeast (bakers and brewers). Banana, oats, white rice, sesame, quinoa, cottonseed oil, among others.

I can’t sleep and now have gone 3 days without eating cause it hurts after I eat. My guess is I have leaky gut with inflammation. Honestly feels like I have cancer and I’m dying.

Also have extreme nerve pain, just constant and unrelenting, I’m literally being tortured to death. Doctors aren’t listening to me.

I’ve been told food allergies can cause joint and nerve pain, and I would have never known without testing. I’m allergic to all the gluten free grains I was eating (white rice, oats, quinoa). So much for being gluten free.

I highly suggest food allergy testing (the intradermal type) if you aren’t recovering. I couldn’t figure it out cause i’d go on a chicken and rice elimination diet...turned out I was allergic to rice. [bonk]

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Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
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Posted by Neko (Member # 46592) on :
I think I’ve been tested for mast cell disorder. I had a huge work up with an immunologist.

I definitely have pretty serious food intolerances/allergies. I’ve been wondering if my intestines are infammed and it’s triggerung my joint and nerve pain.

Scariest is I’m rejapsing lyme/Babesia.

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