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Posted by MADDOG (Member # 18) on :
I woke up way early with the diareah pain.

I tried to get more sleep each time i fall asleep i went into REM sleep right away.And would wake up to do it again.
I got up but feel out of body not right.

My temp was only 96 degrees. That has came up since then.
I am scared terribly.
I feel off balance, colon pain,exhaustion,bladder pain,but not feverish today.

I called my nurse practitioner they said call the gastro. doc.,they said to call my regular doctor.

I now have an appointment tomorrow with another doctor in town a DO not a MD.
Hope i am still alive then.
Posted by Ann-Ohio (Member # 44364) on :
Hang in there my favorite hound! please keep us posted...
Posted by ChaZZie Mo (Member # 51438) on :
Good Grief, MADDOG! Sounds serious. Be careful! And let us know what's up when you can.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Take care of yourself, MADDOG and keep us posted, OK?
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
[group hug]
Posted by Bartenderbonnie (Member # 49177) on :
Hoping you found treatment today MADDOG.
Anxiously awaiting your update, thinking about you all day.

You had a bad day and I had a bad night. I ended up in urgent care today, primary had no openings till Friday.

I sat in the examining room with the lights off crying.

No one, no one, no one understands what Lyme sufferers fight through day in and day out. Scary debilitating breakdowns of most bodily functions. No way to prepare or decipher what the hells going on. Pain, extreme fatigue, can't walk, can't talk, feel like you're dying. Told to force yourself to get up and move which sets you back not days or weeks but months ! Ugh.

I never had night or day sweats. Then bam, out of the blue, my world's rocked. Cascade effect, now ALL my Lyme symptoms are back.

Today's diagnosis. . .acute Sinutistis
Seriously, I've had chronic Sinutistis for 5 years. Add on strep throat and mono for 4 weeks. Waiting for this mess to pass.

Hang in there MADDOG. The bad times make the good times oh so much sweeter. Healing prayers.
Posted by MADDOG (Member # 18) on :
Got a new doctor today,a, DO, not a, MD this time. He was training a new doctor student.

More blood test.

3 doctors in a weeks time 4 if you count the student doc..

The gastrologist was wrong (NO C. Deficle Good news.

They are trying !!!!
Posted by MADDOG (Member # 18) on :
Good news i was able to eat tonight.

I made chicken noodle soup and mashed potatoes,i love the soup over mashed potatoes.

And I ate 2 apples and a banana,and another helping of chicken and noodles.

And drank a NA beer no alcahol.

Posted by Ann-Ohio (Member # 44364) on :
YAY! Who's a good dog?
Have a good sleep and you are on your way!
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
Great news that you're feeling better and able to eat!

Posted by ChaZZie Mo (Member # 51438) on :
Thanks SO much for the update! [Smile]
Posted by Ann-Ohio (Member # 44364) on :
Now how are you doing?
Been thinking of you.
Posted by kidsgotlyme (Member # 23691) on :
[group hug] [group hug]
Posted by MADDOG (Member # 18) on :
Hi Gang
This thing keeps coming back,then leaving again.
Usually hits me in the morning and is better at night.
No more direah but the cramps and itchy pain is there after my morning constitution every time.

The itchy internal pain is like on a 9 on the scale,then slowly subsides towards evening.

I just pace the floor it hurts so bad.

The doctors just are not sure what it is,but suspect a gut flora problem from the ABX.

So it is some better but still flaring up.

The cold chills are somewhat better.

Posted by MADDOG (Member # 18) on :
Oh i also have candida on my tongue.I have Nystatin that .
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Have you tried anti-histamines at all??

Sounds strange perhaps, but it may help. Mast Cells may have been kicked up (gut pain and itching are signals).

Anti-histamines, even Pepcid may help.
Posted by OptiMisTick (Member # 399) on :
So sorry you are sick.

Have you had Stormy Weather?

Sounds crazy but "I know someone" who gets sick with their dog during and after a storm, similar to you.

My theory, knowing about the cracked underground sewage and water pipes is that heavy flow from pipes forces storm water out of waste pipes and into cracks in drinking water pipes and folks drink bad water.

I see clusters of people with the same "stomach"/colon problems.

I don't like plastic bottled water due to endocrine disruptors and general plasticizers' effects which are not publicized.

Try filtering or boiling your water or drinking other stuff. Some use generic Immodium as their Go-To recovery aid.

BTW I am trying your recipe, soup over mash.

Sounds like a good breakfast, too.

Don't add water, pour over mash w/o heating first, then microwave all on a paper plate.

Another good one is get the rice-plus packets (i.e. rice plus quinoa) that microwave in the packet 2 mins (Costco, other). Lay the cooked grain on a paper plate and top with a can of any beans, microwave. Baked beans from the can good.

My recipe speed these days....

Get well soon so you can howl at the Winter Moon for Joy and not Pain.

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