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Posted by overlyme (Member # 43455) on :
when I got lyme, I was really bad, I had lyme for

15 years active! All during that time I went from

no symptoms to strange strange symptoms, started

anxiety really bad to limbs vibrating to vertigo

to wierd sleep disturbences, waking up panicking

to fall asleep into a differant dimension to

not bieng able to sleep at all..30 hospital

visits within a known tick bite rash! I

suffered so bad and so did my family...they

made so much money off of me..they were wrong

there diagnosis was always wrong because they

are not there to cure anyone! any way is got

treated in 2003 for the first time..that was

just the start of a hell on support

group had a surprise visitor, he was a healer

with energy called energy healing,it came from

his hands..he told me that he could heal me..

I was so happy that there was hope for me..

I went to the healer and his name was jordan,

he said he would heal me with frequency, he

said he was going to change my dna to 333 from

176...when he told me this I told him I dont

like he number,he had me sitting on a chair

and as he moved around me energy was coming out

of his hands, he was trying to put me in a

trance..I would not let go, he said why wont

you let go? I told him if you have 333 and I

have 333 then that is 666 and Im not good with

that number..he said God and Jesus does not

exist,,, I still would not let go..after this

session he taught me how to open the chakras

of hinduism AND the working of crystals for

healing..I left his house open to the other

side, buzzing hands and feeling watched and

my lyme symptoms were still there...ill post

what happened after that later today...
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
I sure hope you do get results!
Posted by overlyme (Member # 43455) on :
the bottom line is that we are in spiritual

warfare, it is true, please be careful of people

trying to get you into the occult. there is

a desperate certain type of anxiety when it

comes to how we are feeling with lyme and co.

we want to feel good and be better so we can

enjoy life again. So what do we do? we search

for spiritual healing in a relm we dont

understand, we get tricked spiritually by

evil forces that make us think that we can get

better through the occult,meaning things like

this. astrology,reiki,numerology,energy healing

muscle testing,crystals,familiar spirits,word

of knowledge, five pointed star's,tarrot cards


all of the above is of demonic origin. when

desperate we turn to asking the universe,in

doing this we allow real demons to enter us..

the secret when asking the universe is your

asking a demon to help you to gain something...

in return they will set up themselves within

you..I am telling you the truth. they will

feed off of you..I got stuck in this very thing

there are two entities at war here, the spirit

of luc fer and the spirit of God who is Jesus

the world is in spiritual decay for turning

away from Gods commandments..the warfare is

that everything good is now bad and everything

bad is good..we are in judgment where God

moved away from this world and the destroyer

is who is in power of now, I was in possesion

from the above but God removed it from me and

I became a christian..please believe me when

i tell you we are under spiritual warfare..

learn as much as you can and only believe what

your heart tells you is true..if you trust your

gov and they were honest we would not have

Posted by Ann-Ohio (Member # 44364) on :
Posted by overlyme (Member # 43455) on :
yes there is a spiritual world, that is what I

am trying to get at. its real..
Posted by Ann-Ohio (Member # 44364) on :
Not sure becoming a christian and participating in spiritual warfare is part of general support for people with Lyme disease.
Posted by Ann-Ohio (Member # 44364) on :
Good idea!
Thanks, TuTu.

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