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Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
It’s the autumn season so get those rakes ready!

This is the thread where we invite anybody to come and tell us about their exercise for the day. Exercise can include raking leaves, walking, vacuuming, laundry etc. Anything counts as we encourage each other to move and encourage each other in general. [group hug]

Have a great week!! [hi]
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Manna—Sounds like you are making progress unpacking. So glad you have good neighbors!

AK—I was sorting some tools today. I will send you my ball peen hammer for your ex. 🤣. I don’t need it anymore.

I went to church via zoom. No sermons on the afore mentioned hammer. Lol

I did a load of laundry.

Baked a chicken breast and made chicken salad.

Wrote a letter to my cousin.

Fielded phone calls from Dad’s hospice nurse and the home health gal who couldn’t find the nursing home. Dad still in pain so switching drugs around again. I am sure he would like his usual glass of Sunday wine but that won’t be happening anymore.

Called mom to update her on dad and chat. Wrote letter to nursing home because I left my dad’s sister off the list of those who can hear about his medical condition when she calls him.

Think I have lost my brain.

Time to relax.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Manna .. I'm so happy you are all moved!! Big accomplishment. Also happy the neighbors are nice. Are they very close to you?

Hiker .. Your brain is just fine!

We had a nice day at church. Had two couples there who have visited us before. Both were from out of town. It's tourist season here .. full force. I heard it was very busy in town.

Took a short nap late in the afternoon and then I spent an hour in the garage cleaning things out. (well, at least one little corner!!)

We are having a garage sale in our subdivision this weekend. I will try to sell a few things. Wish I had a table though.

My main goal was to clean out some car cleaning stuff and other chemicals that were getting wet when it rained. Our garage is on the corner and the gutters overflow there sometimes.

So I put all that stuff in a big plastic bin. Got rid of a few spiders too!! Threw out a big bag of junk and a few small boxes.

I was red hot when I finished. LOL...Whew. I think I need a shower now.

Have a good evening, everyone!
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
I did my knee exercises this morning.

Watched our annual cemetery walk virtually. We have a lot of unique historical characters buried in town and actors do a short scene about their lives in front of the gravesite.

Spoke with hospice about dad. He is declining pretty fast. So, am working on advance memorial service arrangements etc. With Covid, the plans my parents had will change drastically.

Time to get the garbage down to the curb.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
The cemetery walk sounds really interesting! Good way to preserve history.

I'm very sorry about your dad. It' so sad.

I'm sure you have work to do to keep your mom safe.

Got my oil changed today and washed clothes and towels. Need to wash sheets too.
Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
Worked at rearranging the kitchen this morning.

Went in to the office to get the electricity changed over to our name. Daughter & I both went, using her GPS to find our way there. Come back out to find she has no service. So we had to find our way home. It wasn't hard, thankfully! But we were both glad we weren't alone!!

Got curtains hung up in the kitchen. It has small windows and we're up high on the hill so nobody can see in. I decided valances only is what I'll use. I had a pair of beige ones in my box of curtains.

Daughter & Sonny built nest boxes for the chickens. Now they can lay eggs in a nest instead of on the floor. They also got a roost put up and put more lights up. They want to make an outside run for the chickens and fence off a meadow area for the goats.

Hoping we can get the washline post put in tomorrow. We need 3 bags of concrete, 1 for each post. I need to get started with the MOUNTAINS of dirty laundry. My washer needs new hoses first. I can use the dryer until the posts are ready.

Sorry to hear your Dad is declining, Hiker.

Lymetoo, the neighbors aren't real close, through the trees we can see the nearest neighbor's house. Our road is a dead end road, so there isn't a lot of traffic other than the other neighbors.
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
Hiker thanks for getting us going for this week! BTW, can you overnight said hammer? I'm very sorry to hear about your Dad's declining health. I hope and pray that they keep him comfortable and pain free as possible. Sending you a hug my friend.

Manna thank goodness you're home! Glad everyone arrived safe and sound. I know you're going to be one busy lady for quite some time. Try not to overdo!

TuTu ugh! Cleaning a garage sounds like a lot of work. Take your time and don't get overheated. Thank you for the support regarding the ex ball and chain.

Oh...almost forgot...went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I wore a mask while doing that and sitting in the sauna. Couldn't shower with a mask but I was the only person in the shower and sauna area.

Also Josh and I went and voted today. It took almost 5 hours of standing in the sun so I'm sunburned. Later we celebrated at a local restaurant called the Speakeasy and enjoyed ruebens, French dip sandwiches, curly fries and a marshmallow cream pie! Ugh...I'm stuffed!

Gotta run...I'm dozing off while typing!
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Ak--Long time to stand in line to vote. But I bet the wait times are longer on election day! Way to go on the elliptical.

I did my balance exercises.

Went to dermatologist for 6 month check. She took a spot off a toe to biopsy. Said it was probably nothing but last time she said that it was melanoma.

Went to chiropractor. Have been so stressed that an adjustment felt so good to loosen me up.

Talked to hospice nurse and had care plan conference call with social worker and nursing director of the nursing home. I had a few bones to pick with the nursing director and she agreed I should be angry. They put dad on oxygen after I had directed not to. They have not been keeping his mouth moist like they should with fresh water on a swab.

Mom went over to see dad--compassion visits now allowed. She was so upset, because he did not respond to her. Thank God the hospice nurse was there to walk her through what is happening to dad and that she can still talk to him and hold his hand. Even if he doesn't respond he will feel her presence and hear her.

Wish we could go together, but only one person allowed in at a time.

And now 3 cases of covid on the independent living side of the retirement center where mom is. They have not had any, yet, although the nursing home has. So, they have to back track and shut down the hair salon, pool etc. again.

Off to fix dinner. Grilled lamb patties with salad and broccoli.
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
Didn't make it to the gym this morning. So sunburned from yesterday just stayed home. I made a pot of coffee and brunch around noon. Sat outside with Mom for about an hour. Leftovers for dinner and in bed by 8:30. Not very exciting....

Hiker it just breaks my heart to hear about the situation with your Mom and Dad. I'm so glad you were able to get your Dad into the nursing home close to your Mom.

Manna sounds like you've found your little piece of heaven! One of the many things I miss about living in the country was the peace and quiet.

Well time to relax before bed. Night all!

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Hiker .. I'm so sorry to hear all of that. I had the same issue with the nursing home my mother was in. Nearly every time I went to see her I had to swab her mouth or ask someone to do it.

Keep us posted on your biopsy.

I'm glad your mom can go see him now, but it's heartbreaking for her to see how bad he is.

AK .. I hope the sunburn is better soon!!! Did you try putting vinegar on it? That was my best remedy. I'm not sure I would still be able to do that since I react to vinegar now.

We worked on shoe box stuff this morning at church. Took apart the packages of toothbrushes and put them in baggies (the fold-over kind).

We also got all the shoes and flip flops de-tagged and organized in groups. (by age/size)

I took some of the baby dolls home to take the packaging off. I bought them last week.

SOOOO.... When I opened one of them, I found a Christmas card tucked inside the opening and inside was a $5 bill!!!

So .. God just paid for the dolls!!

I plan to pay it forward!

OH .. While hubby was out riding his bike, I got in the garage and cleaned out more stuff. Found a few gems we had brought back from Texas.

Sadly, I found three porcelain flowers and birds that were broken. Not sure I can fix them or if it's even worth it. They were my mom's.

Tomorrow we go to the dentist .. our little trek across the countryside.

Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
Today Hubby & oldest son got my washer hooked up. Started on the MOUNTAINS of wash! We don't have an outside wash line up yet so its all going in the dryer.

Slowly getting things organized. Hung curtains in the laundry. One of the boys put the curtain rod brackets up in the boys room. Will need to make curtains for their room. There is a pair they can hang up until we get some made.

Daughter decorated 2 of the fireplace mantels and a corner of the dining room. Also worked at painting an old cupboard that we'll use in the laundry for storing things.

Hubby asked tonight, how I feel about the move / living here? I feel at home, like its right. He said he feels the same way. When God provides a place for you - it just feels right!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
That's so wonderful, Manna!!
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Manna—sounds great. I am trying to picture your new place in my head. Pm me if you want and tell me what part of the state you are in. I spent a lot of summers hiking there.

Tutu—Hope dentist went well. Good dentists are worth the drive.

I went grocery shopping this morning.

Made a meatloaf and froze it in several containers. Next few weeks are so iffy because my dad is up and down. Today he was better but he may go down again quickly with his health. He was unresponsive yesterday but sipping liquids and eating applesauce today.

Did my knee exercises.

Washed the sheets on my bed, put them back on and took a nap.

Neighbor at Mennonite condos stopped by to tell me 2 were for sale. However, they both have basements and have already been taken. Mennonites on the list get priority over me plus I don’t want a basement. Was worth looking into, though. And kind of Jim to walk over and tell me.

Winds have picked up to 45 mph hour. I need to go grab my potted mum if it is not in the next county already. [Big Grin]
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
Hi everyone! Went to 3 stores checking out prices on ribeye and tenderloin steaks. We're planning on having a family dinner including my brother's family on November 1st.

My Mom doesn't want to get together for Thanksgiving and we don't do Christmas dinner anyways.

I think she's nervous about Covid and she's just so tired since her treatment.

So I'm grilling steaks, baking potatoes, making a salad bar and cooking corn on the cob and green beans. We'll buy a large pumpkin pie with Rediwhip.

I'm setting everything up outside and hope we have decent weather.

So no exercise today!

TuTu I can't do vinegar. I had an issue with mustard today that was on a hotdog. Sadly I need to be careful with mustard now. I'm so sorry about the broken keepsakes of your Mom's! BTW, amazing about the $5!

Manna nice to hear about you all pitching in to get settled. Wonderful that you and the hubs feel that your new home was meant to be!

Hiker good idea to cook up some extra meals. Glad your Dad is a bit better today! Hope he eats more to build up his strength.

Night all!

Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
For some reason I'm TIRED tonight!

Put a second coat of white paint on an old cupboard to use for storage in my laundry. The white will help brighten up the dark laundry. It doesn't have an outside window or door.

Used up the last of the paint on the dog house. It only was enough for 1 coat. Daughter will use some other left over paint to give it a second coat.

The children put up fence for the goat pasture and more fence for the chicken run. They still need to make a door for the chickens to go out. They did catch the 2 escapees who spent the first couple days in the overgrowth, hiding out.

Hubby started organizing his office space. Its smaller than he thought so is having a challenge to fit everything in his space.

Did laundry all day today. I should have counted how many loads it was - I'm sure it was an astounding amount! I have two baskets of bedding to fold tomorrow. I'm done for tonight.

Good night!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Hiker .. Maybe a condo will be available soon. You really wouldn't want it available RIGHT NOW. I'm glad your dad was a little better today.

We are on target with each other. I washed my sheets yesterday. lol

AK ..I hope all goes well with the gathering in November. We haven't talked about what we will do for Thanksgiving. We usually go eat out.

Dental appointment was fine, but looks like I WILL need a crown next month. I hate spending all that $$$$. He's not cheap .. so it's a chunk of money. UGH.

Manna .. I can't imagine why you would be tired!!! The good thing is that it's exciting work. Once it's done, you will be so happy.
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Manna--Just the thought of moving tires me out!

I did my balance exercises today.

Had Bible study viz zoom.

Went to get my haircut.

Stopped at library to get a book on hold and then went to gas up the car. I really need to wash it but figure it will get dirty on the highway tomorrow.

Wasn't paying attention when I took the gas nozzle out of the car and sprayed gas on my jeans. So, ended up doing laundry and I feel like I still smell like gasoline. Don't light a match near me! [bonk]

Called my dad and had the aide hold the phone up to his ear so I could talk to him. He is unresponsive, but I think he can hear me.

Waiting for hospice nurse to visit him this evening and then call me.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Hiker .. You continue to be in my prayers. I know how hard this is.

As for the gasoline, that is a big fear of mine. I am ultra careful to not even get a drop on my shoes. About the time I think I'm in the clear, there will be drops coming out of the nozzle.

One time my friend got it ALL OVER HER and then had to get back in the car (of course). I can't even imagine the horror of that.

I hope you can get the smell out of your clothes and car. Try baking soda for the clothes.

Went up to church today to get bags for my neighbor. She needed them for this weekend's garage sale. We had a bunch in our OCC room.

Also met up with my friend at church to see about ordering a Bible verse on canvas for our Confirmand. He is the one we taught in Sunday School for about 6-7 years. It's going to be really nice.

He loves football and we got a verse from Isaiah and the canvas has a football on it.

I also made a quick trip to the grocery store and then came home and cooked some King Ranch Chicken. I'm eating it NOW!

I will be watching the Town Halls tonight.

see ya!!
Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
Started raining tonight. Supposed to rain overnight and then by afternoon the sun should peak out again.

The children did a lot of outside work today. Used the weedeater to cut briars on the hill. Used the tractor and brush hog to mow off the area where we'd like to put a garden next year.

Gathered up and flattened the nice boxes to use for mulch in the garden. Gathered up and burned the rest of the boxes.

Measured the distance for the wash line & where we'll put the poles in the ground.

Daughter decided where she wants to plant her blueberry bushes. She has one to plant now and would like to buy 14 more.

Inside, hubby worked at his office a little more, I cleaned out the closet in the entry and washed the floor of the closet and entry. Brought my little lighthouse bench in to set in front of the window.

After supper we rearranged our bedroom into a better configuration. Now I can get the boxes unpacked and things arranged in our bedroom. I'll do it tomorrow, I'm done for tonight.

Daughter is rearranging the pantry shelves and putting things in order in the kitchen tonight. She is hungry for chocolate chip cookies! Wants to bake some tomorrow.

Oooh, she just found a box that had some pantry things that were missing! Vanilla! Ketchup! It's Christmas!
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
After lunch I went to the gym and did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes of rowing. Spent maybe 10 minutes in the sauna all while wearing a mask.

My Mom made curry so Josh stopped by for dinner. Poor guy brought his laptop and worked on grading til almost 11:00!

Manna I just love reading your posts about how all of you are working away to make your new place home. I'm with TuTu about it being exciting! Hope you get some much deserved rest!

TuTu I dread unexpected expenses! My savings are pretty depleted after I went to Okinawa last year. I think I'm still cooking Thanksgiving dinner but it'll just be me, Mom and Josh.

Hiker sure hope your Dad is doing OK. I hate the smell of gas and hope you were able to get the smell out of your clothing. Speaking of books the last 2 that I downloaded from the library expired before I could finish them. So frustrating!

See you all tomorrow!

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
AK .. How are you able to be in a sauna with a mask? I can't even tolerate a sauna without a mask! It always makes me feel like I can't breathe.

Is anyone else in there with you?

Inquiring minds want to know.
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Manna--You are making great progress getting settled in! Wonderful!

Way to go on the exercise, AK! I overheat easily in a sauna.

Woke up to the phone. Md cancelled my mom's appointment as she (The MD) was home sick. Got 4 more health related calls before 9.

Mom said she was unable to go see Dad for a compassion visit today because a staff member tested positive for covid at the nursing home. Very sad for her. I had planned to drive over, but did not.

That may put a wrench in my brother's plans to start driving up here Sunday. If he can't see my dad on Monday, he may wait.

I did my knee exercises.

I have a former colleague who is dropping by after work with her 2 year old son. It is windy but hopefully we can let him romp in my fenced in yard and we can chat for a bit socially distant. Have not seen her in quite awhile.
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
Did 3 loads of laundry for exercise today. Couldn't make it to the gym. We had a large tree limb break off and was laying on some wires so had to wait for the city to come out and remove it.

I'm doing OK so far wearing a mask at the gym. Sauna has a 2 person limit but I haven't seen anyone in the upstairs bathroom or sauna. I really enjoy the heat of the sauna so wearing a mask doesn't bother me. In fact the gym is kinda on the empty side, which is good.

Hiker hope you enjoyed your company today! Sure hope your Mom can see your Dad. Their situation is so heartbreaking. Praying for you!

Off to watch more TV!

Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Very blustery here today.

I unhooked the watering hoses from outdoor faucets. Will let them sit a few days to drain the water out before I store them for the winter.

Pulled the dead impatiens from their pots and stored the pots in the garage.

Cleaned the hummingbird feeder. It was out of nectar and rather than make more I thought I would swap out the feeder for one with sunflower seeds.

I did my balance exercises.

Cooked fish for lunch. Almost always bake or grill fish on Saturdays.

Worked on my Bible study.

Waiting for hospice nurse to call me back. She is very kind but very busy.

So, am reading and going to be lazy.

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