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Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Welcome to the exercise thread where we encourage it each to get out and move! [woohoo]

Are you gardening, walking, kayaking, cleaning house, doing laundry? Almost anything counts or you can just tell us about your day! [Big Grin]

Have a great week! [Smile]
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
I did 2 loads of laundry. Finally washed my winter jacket, cap, and mittens.

I even ironed a bit today, I rarely iron any clothes anymore.

Filled the sump pump back up battery with distilled water. The cells were really low on water and I am glad I caught it before the battery was ruined.

Watered the perennials. It is a bit cooler today. Yesterday was 90 and today is about 82. Rain hopefully coming in the next few days.

Vacuumed the car.

Went to the public library.

Took a 20 minute power nap.

Called mom and chatted.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Good job on the battery, hiker!!

I didn't do much of anything today! I did cook filet mignon after church today. We tried to eat out but the first two places we tried were way too busy. We aren't used to so many tourists!

Took a 2 hour nap, checked my flowers and watched TV. Slow day!

Tomorrow I go for cardiac rehab again. I hope it goes well!

Night, everyone!
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Did my knee exercises this morning.

Worked a lot on Bible study.

Talked to mom’s Md. Her vitamin D3 levels have really dropped so we need to up her dosage. I ordered from Amazon for her.

Talked to mom several times to explain this.

Went for a mammogram/ultrasound. All is fine. Glad my GP was wrong about a lump/mass. I could never feel it, so I think I need a new GP. [Big Grin]

Sun came out after the rain, so I parked in the parking garage at the hospital and got a walk in.

Time to take garbage and recycling down to the curb.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
SOOO happy there is no lump, hiker!!

Wore myself out today. Whew. Did the cardiac rehab this morning. Walked 7 laps and did 7 1/2 min on the NuSTep.

Then on to the grocery store, came home to unload, off to Walmart, then to Kohl's. Went back to Kohl's later to take a coupon I had forgotten. Turns out it wasn't valid yet. Sigh.

Then fixed hamburgers .. tried to crash for a nap, but couldn't fall asleep. Put an ice pack on my back while lying down.

Rain threatened off and on, but very little hit the ground.

Tomorrow hubby and I have to get our 6 month blood workup per our GP. Seems too often to me!

Hope AK is doing OK! She and Manna are probably working too hard. [Wink]
Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
Today was baking day.... and it was hot! I think baking bread is a better winter time activity than a summer one! It is nice outside now. But the kitchen is still hot because daughter is baking her cookies.

Cut up a couple potatoes with sprouts so I can plant them tomorrow. The cat wanted to help me and I was not impressed. So I waited till he went to find something else to do before I went back out on the porch.

Did two loads of wash, the rest will wait till tomorrow.

Hubby & Sonny checked out the central air... it will need some repairs before we use it. Tomorrow the children will stop for parts on the way home from work.

My cousin is coming this weekend. And next week Hubby's parents are coming. So we'll be busy this week getting ready for company.
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Manna-Aah, let the kitty help! 😀

Did balance exercises.

Went for a short walk with my trekking poles. Realized yesterday I need to walk on inclines and different surfaces for balance and stamina.

Read a bit while I was cooking a chicken breast.

Am at chiropractor now waiting. She is never on time. Stopped next door at different chiropractor to get my magnesium supplement.

Hoping we get more rain. Warm and humid. Had a big downpour last night which we needed.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Wow .. you need rain, hiker?? We have had so much. Not as much the past few days, but enough. I just hope the faucet doesn't suddenly shut off! LOL

Hubby and I got our bloodwork done this morning. I made numerous phone calls about numerous things. I hate doing those sometimes. Just laborious.

Cooked cornish game hens and made coleslaw. Hubby had a baked potato.

We had a beautiful sunset tonight. I love capturing them on my phone. It's fun to post them on FB.

I got rid of my heart monitor last night!! Mailed it off today! Whoop!! I have a nice little rash under it, but it should go away in a few days. It itched the whole 3 weeks, but I managed to ignore it.

PS .. I slept like a rock last night. Looking forward to a repeat. [Smile]

see ya tomorrow!!
Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
Warm again today. Had a few sprinkles but then it cleared off again.

Finished planting the row of russet potatoes. Added more sweet potato slips to the second row. Its now 3/4 full. Planted the onions.

Son used the tiller and got the weeds tilled under between the potatoes and corn rows.

Hubby sharpened the chain saw and proclaimed it really saws good now!

Got the last of the extra tomato plants ready to go along to the store as well as 10 of my extra Moon Flower plants. I still have more coming up in the original mini greenhouse I started them in.
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Went grocery shopping this morning. Actually remembered to get postage stamps as they will go up in price in August.

Did my knee exercises.

Guys came and power washed the deck. As a bonus they did the patio door and kitchen windows, too. They will come back next week to seal it.

Got a good midday rainstorm. Probably get more later today or tomorrow.

After getting a good result on mammogram and sonogram, the GP called and wants me to get a second opinion from a surgeon. I debated this for awhile and then called the surgeon who did my last lumpectomy(guess they now call them excisional biopsies if they don't end up being malignant).

First I called the nurse at the gynecologist where I used to go. She was very helpful and said a follow up was common when the MD found a lump and the mammogram didn't. I think it is the doctor wanting to "cover her butt" but I have an appointment for next Tuesday.

Also decided to get another platelet enriched plasma injection in my shoulder that hurts.

Looking back on last summer I was able to do quite a bit with it and think the injection helped for about 6 months. So, scheduled that for next Thursday. That is not a fun procedure, but but I will almost anything for pain relief.

My Gp called me this afternoon and fired me. Said she couldn't meet my expectations. Guess expecting her to correct her chart to have the correct doses of medicine was too much for her. [shake]
Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
Drizzly day here. Started rearranging kitchen cupboards. Makes a big mess!

Hubby designed spice racks to attach inside the cupboard doors. He has one set done for one door. Each door gets 2 sets. That will really help organize the spices!! He's making them out of scrap wood. They look very nice.

Got all the wash folded and in baskets for each person to put their own clothes away.

Washed our bedding and put clean sheets on our bed.

Planted 4 o'clocks in the new flowerbed outside the one living room window. Hoping their fragrance comes in the window.

Cleaned up a few empty flower pots at the greenhouse. Brought the last two plants out of the greenhouse.
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
I'm baaaccckkk!!!

Had a wonderful time with my AK BFF in Tampa FL. Her Dad did really well with getting his leg arteries hoovered out.

We went to the beach just a couple of times for a little over an hour and had to stay in the water. It was sooooo hot!

We did quite a bit of shopping, (mainly browsing for me) and out to eat a few times.

I was the driver and drove her everywhere she needed to go. She's not used to the traffic and I was more than happy to drive.

Also took my niece (Josh's sister) out to Applebee's for lunch on Saturday and we enjoyed our lunch and time together.

Before I knew it, it was time to come home.

My Mom has had eye pain since I left so I'm taking her to her eye doctor today and hope and pray it's nothing serious. I mentioned that she has liver cancer and they got her in right away.

Other than that I've been doing laundry and unpacking.

Missed everyone here and hope everyone is doing good!

See everyone later!

Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
Ak--Glad you had a great time in FL. Hope your mom is okay!

I went to mechanic to get my oil changed and tires rotated. Got home and realized they overfilled the tires, so will have to let a little air out. With the heat the air will just expand and my tire pressure warning gauge will come on.

Tried to contact the administrator of the medical practice whose doctor dumped me. I left a very polite message saying I wanted to problem solve and I wasn't calling to complain about the doctor. Did not receive a call back.

I may end up at another clinic, but I have been with this clinic for 17 years and only switched doctors last year. I was told by the MD that I would be getting an official letter in the mail. Sheesh.

Did my balance exercises.

Have been sneezing the past few days. Thought it was allergies but think I have a cold. Have a bit of a fever and took a nap. Now that places are relaxing their disinfecting rules a lot more people are picking up colds.

Talked to my mom and my brother.

I ordered again from the local farmer's market and got some meals to freeze--enchiladas, shepherd's pie along with some produce and some desserts. Peanut butter pie, expresso brownie, and pound cake--all gluten free.

I am sure that will cure whatever ails me. [Big Grin]
Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
Baking day for me and daughter.

Hubby & the boys worked at fixing the duct work under the house so we can run the air conditioner without cooling the crawlspace.

Daughter did a good job of getting things arranged in the right cupboards.

The other daughter is rearranging furniture in the dining room and the living room. Took one bookshelf upstairs. Painted a lamp base and a flower pot to add accent colors in the dining room.

Its been rainy off and on, so not much got done outside.

Have 3 big flowerpots I want to fill and plant flowers in. Someone said they put decorative sweet potato vine in a pot and another lady said she planted a real sweet potato so she gets something at the end of the season. I think I'll try that!!
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
MannaMe-Your hubby and sons sure know how to do a lot of fix-it up jobs. If you don't cool the crawlspace, you might make sure you have a way to keep the moisture down in that area. I have a friend who has a dehumidifier/fan in her crawl space so it doesn't get mold.

I got outside and watered the plants. 91 and very humid today, so I went out pretty early. Filled the hummingbird feeder. No hummers lately, though.

Pulled a few weeds around the strawberries and blueberries. One blueblerry bush has berries on it although not ripe, yet. Birds may eat them but it is fun to have them anyway.

Did my knee exercises.

Made a meatloaf.

Paid bills.

Cleaned out several kitchen cabinets and got rid of expired spices and meds.

I have been working on getting a new MD. Since I have a referral to a surgeon Tuesday as a follow up from finding lump (just a consult--there will be no surgery), I would like a GP to send the notes to. Will meet with a woman internist in a few weeks and if I don’t like her I will keep looking.

Not only did my GP dump me, but she billed my last visit as a regular visit and not my annual physical. The annual physical is no cost to me, so I spent some time trying to straighten that out.

Yakked with a friend who lives about an hour away whom I met in a Lyme support group. Wonderful gal.

Have a good evening. [Cool]

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Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
Rained today.

Doing dishes and laundry.

Hubby worked at the air conditioner. Cleaned it good. Said it still needs a little more freon.

Daughter is cleaning.

Sonny is doing school and helping hubby.

Have a veggie beef stew cooking on the stove for supper.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Hey, everyone!

My husband and I met up with one of my high school friends. We were in band together. He and his wife were here visiting the area. It was great to connect. We've been on FB together for 7-8 years, I guess.

He's the one who was on an ventilator last year. He looks great!

I also went for my PT evaluation on my shoulder. I'm really just going back so it won't get any worse. It's been two years since I was there.

Today I went to cardiac rehab and then to the grocery store. Also took a nap after all of that! I couldn't keep my eyes open.

I slept last night, but kept waking up more than usual. Some nights I sleep 5-7 hours straight through. That's when I celebrate! LOL

Hiker .. I sure hope you will be able to find a good Dr .. It's so important. I would be lost without mine. He is golden.

AK .. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in FL! I believe you when you say it was hot!! I could not live there. It's worse than Texas with the heat. (Humidity is horrid)

Manna .. The stew sounds awesome!
Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
Hi everyone!

My Mom's eye appointment went OK. The doc is going to try eye drops for pain and if that doesn't work or the pain gets worse I have to take her back in a couple weeks for more extensive tests.

Today I mailed a couple of boxes of shopping bargins my friend found while in FL to AK. She flew on to Michigan to visit with her Mom.

Took Mom to pick up her RX and gas up her car.

Spent a leisurely afternoon watching Dr. Zhivago with Mom and now watching the Yearling.

TuTu I bet you enjoyed seeing your friend! Hope your shoulder will be OK and kudos on going to cardiac rehab.

Manna how wonderful that your family all chips in with the work around your new place! Veggie stew sounds great!

Hiker can't believe that your GP dropped you as a patient! Probably for the best anyways. I'm sure you'll find someone better!

Back to my movie!

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
AK .. also contact her oncologist or regular GP just in case.

Prayers that it will all be OK!!
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
AK—Usually my eye pain means I need to use my eye drops. I freaked the first time it happened, though.

Did a load of laundry.

Then did my balance exercises.

Listened to my Bible study video.

Went to library and actually went inside today.

Worked a tad in the yard. But well over 90 and humid so I didn’t last long.

Chatted with my neighbors. Apparently their neighbor had their shed spray painted with graffiti. Think it relates to a sign in their yard. He is a retired police officer and has a “Defend the blue” sign by his house. Wish people could respect each other more. [cussing]

Normally our neighborhood is pretty safe and crime free.

Chatted with mom. My landline is doing weird things. I can’t call out but I can receive calls. I got online to go the the company’s portal so I could get my account number but that site wasn’t working but other websites work. Crazy.

I like having a landline but right now I only pay the taxes on it. Once December rolls around and I have to pay the big bucks I may get rid of it. Always worried I will lose my cell phone or it will break and I won’t have a phone, though. Do you all have landlines?

Going to watch a movie tonight called “Our Friend.” Think it is a tear jerker.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Defend the Blue should be a universal thought, but I know it's not.

I still have a landline. Every time I think I don't need it, I'm proved wrong once again. lol.

I haven't done much today except change out the innards of my Roomba. He is so happy now!

Also reading Psalms and working on the Bible study questions when I finish the reading.

The weather is hot, but I was only out to get the mail.

Have a good evening everyone!

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Posted by aklnwlf (Member # 5960) on :
Seems I'm catching up on my sleep. Went to bed around 4:00 a.m. and woke up around 12:00! I couldn't believe I slept that long!

Mom and I had TV dinners for lunch (blah) and noodles for dinner. I had chicken on the side.

Around 7:00 this evening I ventured outside and vacuumed all the sand out of my car. Then picked up limbs and sticks in the yard. Also put some of my leftover river rock around the berm I put in this year. Trimmed the bushes which only took 5 minutes because it was getting dark.

I was soaking wet when I came in! It was so hot! So I'm showered and jammied up and watching Crazy, Rich Asians on TV.

TuTu your right about letting her oncologist know. I'll give them a call on Monday.

Hiker that's terrible what happened to your neighbor! BTW, we have a landline too because Mom makes international calls quite frequently.

Back to my movie!


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