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Posted by paleogal (Member # 45991) on :
Hello all. Recently I was in CA again and warned that in the area I was going, the previous weekend a friend had pulled a tick off her. (Ugh…so glad to live in the desert now!)

But I had to go to the area because I was taking a wilderness class. So, I permethrined all my clothes and shoes that were coming with.

Tick checks went well but I’m wondering if anyone knows if permethrin will kill attached ticks? That is, I have a shirt and pair of jeans that I treated but didn’t end up wearing in the field that I could wear today if any did end up on me.

I think I’ll wear it all today just in case, but if anyone knows whether permethrin can kill ticks once they’re attached, please let me know! It might change how I dress after coming back from a trip.
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
I would think that once a tick is attached it is dangerous, so I would wear the permethrin treated clothes to try to prevent attachment.
Posted by Ann-Ohio (Member # 44364) on :
Lots of good info on permethrin and ticks.

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