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Posted by savebabe (Member # 9847) on :
OK.....I am hooked on the show called "Haunting Evidence" on Court TV.

Basically a psychic and a medium try to solve, unsolved murders by using there abilities.

So what do you think, are you a skeptic or a believer when it comes to the paranormal?
Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
While I do believe their are those who pretend to have extra-sensory abilities,

I do believe that some are truly gifted with special talents.

I think we all have some type of intrensic abilities, if we allow ourselves

To believe in the possibilities rather than over ride them with cynicism.

I know since Lyme, I've learned to trust my instincts a great deal more.

I have a great track record with going with how I feel about another person or situation.


Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :
I am a total skeptic who believes in scientific methods and has experienced three absolutely unexplainable events in my lifetime.

One of which was a ghost, or whatever you want to call it -- basically, a person who was not there, a visible moving image of a person who had previously passed -- witnessed several times by numerous people and our dog! The dog always started barking first, which alerted everyone else who saw the same thing.

There is a story behind this, which was discovered after these incidents, which I could PM you about. Just thinking about it makes my hair stand on end!

So I remain a skeptic that cannot explain certain things, this being one of them. It is just a great big mystery, this world.
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Ok, you guys are going to think I'm nuts...and this isn't the Lyme, I swear! [Smile]

A few years ago, I would think of something and then in a few days it would happen. For example, one day I was driving to work (when I still could work) and I pictured the cars in the parking lot getting broken into. I thought it was a weird thought to suddenly be in my head, but when I got to work, something made me bring in all of my cd's anyway.

That night when I came out of work, several cars had been broken into--to either side of mine. My car wasn't touched--and I had a convertible which would have been really easy to break into. I wondered if I was being rewarded for listening to this instinct? It totally freaked me out.

I've had several other premonitions like this that came true. Once I saw myself getting pulled over for speeding, and I got pulled over for speeding a couple days later in the same spot. There are a few others.

Because of this, I KNOW there are people who can somehow access the spirit world. If I have some ability, it makes me believe there are people with more ability.

About a year ago my mother ran into a medium where she works. The woman said to my mother, "Do you mind if I ask you something? Who's Goldie?" She then told my mom that Goldie was the butterfly on my wedding dress at my wedding 6 months earlier. We had released butterflies at my wedding, and one landed on my dress. Goldie was my great-grandma. There is no way this woman could have known this if she didn't have psychic abilities!

My mom had this woman come to the house and read a bunch of us, and it was an amazing experience that would make you a believer. This woman knew nothing about any of us, and she would get FULL NAMES of people in our lives. She's currently working on getting a TV show.

I guess I look at it this way: This universe is so huge and so hard to explain, anything is possible!
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Oh and Vermont Lymie, this psychic also told me that there is a woman (ghost) who lives in my home and asked me if I'd seen her.

I had not. The psychic said, "Your dog has!"

She said animals and children can see these things because they are not conditioned by our society NOT to see them.
Posted by savebabe (Member # 9847) on :
I guess you can say I am a believer.

When my grandfather was dying in ICU, the nurses would tell me stories of patients who had near death experiences, or knew they were dying and saw family members that passed beside them.

I am totally intrigued by this whole psychic thing.

Thanks for the stories.
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Savebabe or anyone interested in this topic, read "Messages From the Masters" by Dr. Brian Weiss.

It isn't really about ghosts or psychics, but it's an awesome book that helps you understand how the spirit world works and you will see how "ghosts" and psychics are possible.

I used to work with the homeless, and recently I had spending time with one of the homeless men I knew who was dying of lung cancer, Bobby. He had asked to see me before he died, even though I hadn't worked with him in a couple years.

I have always loved butterflies, because they represent the spirit and change for the better (among other things). I noticed when Bobby was in the hospital that he had a tattoo of a butterfly on his arm. I had never noticed this before.

I didn't think much of it, other than maybe it was a sign that I was doing the right thing by being with him in his last days when he had no one but me and his son (and his son was also on the street).

When he died, his son gave me a bag of Bobby's tapes and cd's. I was going through it and I found a silver lighter with a butterfly ingrained on it. I just knew it was some kind of message from Bobby or the spirit world. It sounds crazy, but I've been reading that there are signs for us everywhere, if we know to look for them and realize that nothing is random.
Posted by lymeladyinNY (Member # 10235) on :
I love the show "Ghost Hunters" on SciFi.

Anyway, I used to be agnostic, skeptical, etc.

Until my mother passed away. A week after her funeral my father called me and told me a most amazing thing. He said he saw my mother's spirit float down the hallway towards his bedroom. He stared at her spirit for about 10 seconds, tried to touch it, and it disappeared.

He called me many times after that to report another incident. At times he would see her in full color, looking young and beautiful. He would hear her call his name and hear footsteps in the kitchen.

I became very interested in the possibility of life after death and read voraciously. I became open and hopeful that I, too, would have a paranormal experience.

Well, I've never seen my mom, but I've heard her call my name and tell me "hello". I've also felt her presence. Just recently I was awakened by a flashing light on my dresser. It woke me from a sound sleep and flashed about 4 times. I turned on my lamp and looked where the flash came from and there was nothing there.

I've also had brief out-of-body experiences.

I've had so many experiences and have heard of so many experiences that I've now become convinced that there is, indeed, a hereafter.

I don't understand it but I believe it's real.
Posted by savebabe (Member # 9847) on :
WOW--interesting story!!

It seems that a lot of people have had experiences like this.
Posted by HaplyCarlessdave (Member # 413) on :
We all have such talents; we just aren't generally using them. But it is generally not worth the effort! It's a little like walking. Walking is good exercise, but it's a waste of time to walk for exercise alone, rather than walking to where we want to go. The most important thing is to work toward peace and happiness, becoming aware of the consequences of our actions, realizing that, ultimately, these consequences will be born (or enjoyed) by ourselves. To do so it is necessary to play music. Within our music can be found most everything! Our "other-worldly" experiences are valuable to the extent to which they enhance our work for peace and happiness for all of us; our part in the symphony of life in our universe....
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
Dave it is just what you're saying that opens us to having these experiences with the spirit world!

I totally agree, we need to be more peaceful and kind and loving and "align with spirit"...and when we do that, we are at peace and naturally open to seeing things and having more "psychic" ability.

I have read that loved ones who pass on do try to communicate with us, often trying to make themselves seen as the way that the person who's still living would most vividly remember them. Or they try to manipulate light and things like that so that we know they are around. But most of us don't know to even be looking/listening for this.
Posted by Freethinker (Member # 13002) on :
Believer! [Wink]

I run a phpBB2 forum of my own (Art related) and one of our members came to me with a message from my deceased husband.

She told me things only he and i knew. She is from England and i live in Southern Illinois. I don't have a blog, nor do i post personal things like he and i discussed.

So how could i not believe?
Posted by savebabe (Member # 9847) on :
WOW.... How specific were the things she said?

I find this stuff so interesting.
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
The medium I met was from England...and told me VERY specific things! There is no way I could NOT believe after what I heard.
Posted by lymeladyinNY (Member # 10235) on :
I had to add to this post because I had the strangest thing happen to me yesterday morning.

I was sleeping on my back with my right hand hanging off the bed when suddenly it felt as though someone squeezed my pointer and middle fingers.

I opened my eyes briefly, then closed them.

Next thing I know, I hear a whirring, whooshing sound in my ears and feel that I'm vibrating. I then got the sensation that I was pulled out of my body and started floating upwards.

I floated to what looked like a very ornately decorated glass ceiling. There was a soft, yellow glowing light to the right above this ornate "ceiling".

After getting a close-up look at this "ceiling", I felt that I was gently lowered back down to my bed and placed back into my physical body.

The whirring and vibrating then stopped.

I opened my eyes and felt extremely happy and joyful. Physically I felt the same - yucky - but my positive, optimistic feeling lasted all day and has continued today.

Anyone else ever have any experience remotely similar? And what did you think of it?

I don't believe I've ever hallucinated in my life and this was very real. I was conscious but in a "different" place.

Thanks for listening!
Posted by GenaD (Member # 11988) on :
I haven't myself experienced what you did, but I have heard that leaving the body has happened to other people! They describe a very similar thing!
Posted by cootiegirl (Member # 3216) on :
Definitely a believer. We have a local psychic who we have seen 'do his work'. Many years ago I took a class with him to learn more about psychic phenomena. Then several years later I went to a benefit that he did. Even tho I took his class I think it's only human nature to still be skeptical. I watched him carefully and listened to the questions he asked and the responses he gave. I do think this psychic is the real deal. However there are many out there that are not and will take advantage of people who are in mourning and maybe want to 'hear' from a loved one or want to know how their lives are going to turn out.

Thru the years I've had my own psychic experiences. Not a lot but a few incidents here and there. I tend to have dreams where people that have passed are in them. From what I have learned, this is a fairly common form of psychic experience because it's safe and people are less likely to freak as opposed to seeing a ghost - but most people write it off as simply a dream. I have felt a great aunt stand next to me when I have baked one of her favorite recipes. No precognition or anything like that - more into spirit stuff.

One of my children is able to see 'dead people'. We've had quite a few souls passing thru our house visiting, according to my child! We are cool with it - I think if I saw ghosts rambling thru my house I'd be, pardon the pun, spooked! We took him to see the abovementioned psychic for a meeting and he talked with my son about his experiences and gave him helpful advice on how to deal with this gift.
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
i swear this is true. I lived in minot, north dakota, at the time, and we had an apartment downtown.

i had fallen asleep on the couch, and woke up, i walked around the apartment, looked out the windows.

i then walked back into the living room, and, man, my body was still on the sofa. i remember very distinctly standing there looking at myself sleeping on the sofa.

that scared me half to death. i remember trying to explain it to my husband, but he never believed it.

well, that was my first husband.

anyway, when mike was wounded in vietnam, the grandmother that raised him said she knew immediately that he was wounded and dying. she called the entire family together and sure enough, they received a telegram saying he was in the phillipines and what his wounds were.

he says he remembers thinking about her when he was wounded and wondering if he would ever see her again.

she's dead now. he said she always knew things before they happened. she was very religious.

i'm a firm believer in the unexplained.
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
oh yes, one more. my three sisters went to a psychic in dayton. you just called and made appt, no names.

anyway when they showed up, she had four, yes four, chairs out. she didn't know about me.

she told them the "little one" was in a cold place, with lots of snow and snowmobiles. (I was the shortest of the four girls in our family and lived in north dakota at the time)

she told them i would come home alone. well eventually he left me and, yep, i came home alone.

she told my one sister she would have a boy and girl, which she did.

i can't remember the rest but she scared them so badly, they left and would not go back.

makes you wonder doesn't it?

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