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Posted by Lou B (Member # 64) on :
Hi LymeNet Users, [hi]

To you my UserName may be momof2 or wifeofjohnsmith or whatever purely platonic name I chose to use for myself so you could identify with me. I am not a wife, mother, not even a woman ...... I am a predator. I sit on my computer all day, belonging to community groups and reading every email posted. I am looking for that one email that is always out there ...... you know the one. The one that gives a person's name and their address or the one that gives their phone number. Maybe I will be lucky today and find one that even mentions their children's names and ages (I especially love those with the signatures that
include that).

Now that I read your postings, and have your name and address or phone number, do you really know who you just gave it to?? Am I a murderer, rapist, child pedophile or all of the above. Maybe. And you just listed your name, phone number and/or address for me to see.

I will now take the information you just graciously offered up to me and everyone else and do a quick easy search on my computer and I will have a map to your house.
Tonight when I get bored ...... maybe I will go for a ride and look you up.

SCARY ISN'T IT ?????????

Although the answer is yes, the attempt here is to remind everyone that although we all belong to the same group, we are all strangers. Members don't know everyone .... Moderators don't know everyone. Only you can protect yourself, your family and your property. We know that this post is rather lengthy, it is well worth the read. Please take the time to read over it and think about it.

What you are reading does not mean that this has occurred or will occur. It is merely something that the we have discussed and wanted to share with you.

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