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LymeNet Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Additional information:

LymeNet Users,

The LymeNet Terms & Conditions contain the following:
"You agree not to post the last name, or the first name, of any person that treats Lyme disease. Instead, please use the first initial of the last name only, with the state, but not city. For example, Dr. G. in WV. This person's contact information should not be displayed on LymeNet. However, you may PM or email this information. This is to protect those that treat Lyme and the Lyme community."

I also strongly suggest you not posts the specifics of your treatment protocol or the detailed discussion / dialog that took place between you and your doctor during your office visit.

Current HIPPA laws prohibit the doctor from discussing your care with anyone but you without your written permission. I suggest you respect the doctor - patient relationship by discussing any issues or concerns directly with the doctor and not posting them on an Internet BB.

A little reinforcement.

The following is part of an email exchange I had with Pat Smith, President of LDA:

"Lou, at the moment I know of a half dozen or more of docs under scrutiny. A few of the docs have websites and go out there, but most don't. The major websites do not post names. I do not use names when I speak about docs, we do not use them on materials in testimony and try to train patients not to use them.

I used to think people were a bit out there when they said websites were monitored. We know from certain legal cases that indeed, that has happened. People speak about treatment on the net. Not good to have someone say Dr XXXX gave me 1G XXXX drug 2x day. I actually have become more conservative as I have seen documents and heard political chatter all over and I think we keep docs and specifics of treatment as off the net as possible."

Got the message?

Thanks and take care,

Lou B

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