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Posted by just don (Member # 1129) on :
I need a motor like this to put in MY car,,,,

oh wait,,,,

I didnt buy a lottery ticket,,,,darn

see if you can ride with this guy

hope you enjoyed.

Cant imagine what 1750 hp on the street would be like
Posted by just don (Member # 1129) on :
Hey Maddog,,,build me one from the spare parts you have hidden in your garage....

I will come get it and drive her home.

We all know your a mechanical genius!!!!
Posted by MADDOG (Member # 18) on :
WOW!! I could build one but the bucks would be
so much for parts.EEK!!

WEll i did get a Porsche Carrera intercooler for the diesel chevette Isuzu engine turbocharger in the Nissan truck.If it ever stops snowing I will install it.

Some day it will be able to keep up on the interstate on hills.HE HE

Almost there now and getting 33.4 MPG.

It used to run 14s and get 15 MPG with the 353.

It has factory forged crank, rods,pistons,piston squirters ,overhead cam,and will run 5500 RPM,rare in a diesel.

Posted by just don (Member # 1129) on :
thats a honking diesel. I think it is going to snow clear thru July and August
Posted by payne (Member # 26248) on : my favorite ride.. use to work at OLDSMOBILE engine assm.. building engines daily, from forge block and pistons to carb and dress up... put in 1,000's of pistons, was major reliefman and knew every job in plant..
those were the days.. GM days that is.

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