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Posted by LabRat (Member # 78) on :
One of the perks of being married to a wealthy woman is being able to afford gambling! I've been gambling since I joined the Navy in 1956 except during the times I was married to the first three wives, you can't bet what you don't have. In-between wives I gave it hell and all my money but I did gain valuable experience and ideas.

I swore I would never marry again, but wound up marrying a 4th time while paying off the bills of my third wife, talk about a slow learner! In my defense, I really, really enjoy feminine companionship!

With a happy home life in place I put together my experience, money and ideas on playing blackjack and began a profitable hobby.

I'm concerned with the decline in the number of gamblers in the casinos now. The high roller casinos are way short of customers. I've noticed a steady decline over the last five years. Our future looks a little scary folks!
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
" The high roller casinos are way short of customers" . . . " Our future looks a little scary folks!" (end quotes)

I'd say this is encouraging as there is hope they might have found other ways to put their money (or money of their spouses) & time to good use.

Many of us are at or well below poverty line. Many of us cannot afford any medical care, dental care or even the nutrients we require. Some of have no idea if we will have a roof over our heads in the coming months.

You are free to enjoy your high roller status but, please, do not rub salt in our wounds. It's very insensitive to say the least.

A nice "hobby" - likely, I'm not the only one here who can't remember the last time I was able to enjoy anything extra. So please don't brag about marrying into "money" and having again the freedom to toss down big bucks but complain because your playmates are fewer in number.
Posted by LabRat (Member # 78) on :
There are many body functions that take place automatically within our bodies that we are unaware of and they can be very confusing to us. Happiness is caused by our bodies manufacturing a chemical. A while back I decided to return to the blackjack tables I gave up after being unable to pass the aviation medical and the travel distance being so great.

I made the decision to make the trip for a few days of gambling and a day later I was watching tv when for no reason that I could think of, a flood of happiness came over me for a few minutes. I found it both pleasant and startling, happiness for no reason, I had not experienced that before!

These spells became more frequently and was starting to worry me just a bit. My wife had no answer, just enjoy she said.

So I went and was successful and this joyous feeling just enveloped and stayed with me! A smile would come and go, I can't imagine a more powerful drug than happiness!

I was in this state when I made the post, sorry you were offended.
Posted by poppy (Member # 5355) on :
Maybe we have a chemical explanation now for compulsive gambling. Why don't you volunteer for some study? And if you are winning big, the lyme groups like LDA and do good things and take donations.

Did you know that a medical certificate is not required for a glider pilot? Could put money into this hobby instead! Floating around silently in the blue can bring happiness too.
Posted by LabRat (Member # 78) on :
Just returned from another casino run and I'm happy as a clam. I won't go into details, don't want to get yelled at, just saying I'm happy all over!

Poppy, I'm sure a chemical reaction takes place with compulsive gamblers. I'm not compulsive, I'm more into math and problem solving.

Charities are rarely what they say they are or at least what they tell you they do. We are pretty much charioted out. We donated our plane to wings of hope and got that warm and fuzzy feeling that our baby would be hauling doctors through the mountains of Mexico and South America helping poor people in need. The story that got back to us from a third party was not at all rewarding.

We give ten thousand a year to loves and fishes, a local homeless shelter. That will most likely be the extent of our charity from here on. A few stray cats, a wee dog and a beautiful black pit bull that was dumped and came to guard our house one day as a big puppy. We regard him as an angel in disguise.

A glider pilot?! I spent more than 6000 hrs dodging thermals. I'm probable not smart enough to be a glider pilot anyway but thanks for that tidbit. Anything to get me above the hi-way. Someone said a driver's license will be all that is required for some flying. I will check it out and thanks!!
Posted by poppy (Member # 5355) on :

Use the flash version of the map to see where to fly gliders. There is one in San Antonio, not that far from you. Frequently these places offer introductory rides to passengers, which is a good way to see if you like it. Usually not that expensive to have someone take you up for a short flight. And fun even if you don't go on with it.

(lyme charities do great work, especially the ones I mentioned)

And the LDA just put on their annual research conference.

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