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Pictures and a video were released earlier this week of this "new" stealth fighter. It was the only sighting of it and generally, when military does this,
without a word, it's a message to someone of strength.
It's unknown who this message was aimed at, but my guess is China;
with all that's going on in the area of Taiwan, it seems logical, but who knows.

Notice the lack of jet propulsion, i.e. rocket fueled propulsion.
We do know that anti-gravity propulsion has been the goal since WW2, as a working model was found in what is now Poland,
abandoned by The Germans when they left during The Allied Invasion after D-Day.
Keeping in mind, this is what they want us to see and not the most advanced technology. 6M%252COSDdooXPG3x7MM%252C_%253BqMrfi9qEZ6zLaM%252C_AzpkO6FRqq8sM%252C_%253BXekxb8m1utAe4M%252COSDdooXPG3x7MM%252C_%253BkjOi91vGVTI_MM%252CLtN9MQAxk5fBRM%252C_%253B79kfNsexx83xkM%2 52COSDdooXPG3x7MM%252C_%253BOdDCBlgOmFc6jM%252C_AzpkO6FRqq8sM%252C_%253BPW7lGBS11XwYvM%252C_AzpkO6FRqq8sM%252C_%253BLaQigUVdKGxjFM%252C_AzpkO6FRqq8sM%252C_%253Bj-kuW_MyXsMNQM%252Co eKS4CuACJcRFM%252C_%253BZ4wKfkk8_gfbyM%252C3Zkkh-vFErIBaM%252C_&usg=AI4_-kQVQbBbFJRndmX2eA_EGbPr2Hwsgw&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjPm8ijlcDzAhULlmoFHXebAgkQ7Al6BAgGEFE&biw=1280&bih=578&dpr=1. 25#imgrc=qMrfi9qEZ6zLaM

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Posted by norin (Member # 52378) on :

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