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You know what else Gov Abbott did?
He banned mask-wearing in schools;

( ant-maskers and anti-vaxer’s claim mandates are not in the constitution therefore mandates are unconstitutional)

Parents, school districts and fellow lawmakers urged Gov Abbott to reverse his mandated ban due to the Delta Variant. In a petition sent July 25, 2021, 31 Texas lawmakers stated;

“Children cannot get a COVID vaccine, which means they are vectors of infection for each other, teachers and their family members. Putting them all in one building without masks is foolish!”

Teen Becomes 4th Person to Die from COVID in Same TexasSchool District Since August;

A 16 year old Texas student has died from COVID becoming the 4th person from the same school district to lose their life after contracting the virus in August.

A junior high seventh-grade social studies teacher also passed away from COVID on August 24th.

And just 4 days later, a sixth-grade social studies teacher at the same school, died of COVID.

Then on September 10th, an instructional aid in the same district died from COVID.

When school started at the Connally Junior High in mid-August, face masks were optional but after the first 2 deaths, the school introduced a mandatory face mask policy, going AGAINEST Gov Abbott.

Last week, another school district announced a 16 year old student and a teacher had died from COVID within days of each other.

But. . . a neighboring school district with a mandatory mask policy, again AGAINEST Gov Abbott, said it appears their mask wearing is working at keeping COVID numbers down, falling from 285 positive cases to 93 within 2 weeks of it coming into effect.

The mother of the 16 year old who died, said while crying;
“My boy was one of a kind! I still can’t believe I won’t hear hear his voice, his laugh, or be able to hug him or see his smile” 💔

A question was brought up recently about vaccines offering false security. Gov Abbott offered false security to the students, teachers and their family members by not PROTECTING them. WEAR A MASK !!!
Posted by norin (Member # 52378) on :
Kids can wear masks if THEY choose.
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
As a retired teacher I can tell that if not all kids are required to wear masks a lot of kids won’t.

There is so much peer pressure to fit in. They remove them at school so they are not bullied.
Posted by Bartenderbonnie (Member # 49177) on :
All kids would wear a mask if they were mandated.
And even norin would wear a mask if it was mandated.
Or face fines and lose freedoms to go where you want so you don’t make others sick.

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