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Posted by norin (Member # 52378) on :
I was sitting here at my desk when this was reported on the local Houston TV channel, link below. Please keep in mind that where this young woman lived is about 20 miles from my residence; I live in a major Houston "hood" (Greenspoint) that encompasses 3 city blocks and over 800 units. I am the 2nd longest renting resident in the entirety of the complexes.

Some history on this: In August 2019, I came across what I thought was an absolutely ridiculous recording of a man, allegedly murdered after he made the tape and after listening to it, tossed it in my "highly unlikely / piece of trash" pile of stuff. Interestingly, the man in the tape indicated that the country from where Miss Good returned was involved in viral research, over and above all other countries. Well, okay, it still struck me as a bunch of crap.

As I listened to the news report on Ms. Good, the "highly unlikely / piece of trash" came rushing to the top of the list, just as cream rises to the top. I listened to the tape again and noted 5 places where it was mentioned that it was "some sort of flu" that was to be released; he didn't have a name for it. He was definitive about this and there was no wavering in his assertion.

After speaking with a nurse friend of mine near Crosby, I found out that the minute Good was opened-up on the table, she immediately began hemorrhaging and for all intents and purposes bled to death within a couple of minutes. My thought was that it was quite possibly a hemorrhagic fever of a type that had been released and would likely spread like wildfire across Our Country. It was also pretty much a given in my mind that The U.S., Canada & Mexico would close borders, be shut down completely and people warned not to leave their homes. (There's that USMCA again...)

I then sent out a note to the group who helps with research, including the USMCA reading group mentioned in my previous thread, told them what I found out and urged everyone to get enough supplies to last at least 90 days, preferably up to 6 months. Since I live in a hurricane zone, it's always been a habit to buy extra non-perishables. The reaction I got from almost everyone was a lot worse than anything I've gotten on Lymenet; you can figure out the rest. So, I was wrong? Excuse me for not anticipating the entire planet would be shutdown!

When the announcements came in late March 2020, I was inundated with phone calls and emails asking me, "What should I do?" [Eek!] ... Needless to say, nobody was dismissing me any more.

Round 2 is coming up and you'd better be ready, because this round, you won't get any "in-between" time to load up on what you need. My Venezuelan friends stocked up enough for a year and are now over a decade in crisis! Scoff at me and dismiss what I say as you like; I would love to be wrong about this, but don't think I am. USMCA spells out The Real Plan. It's not just Trump, nor Biden; this is a worldwide network. We are being played from every angle. Look at the history of empires that fell, it's the same pattern, just different places and names. For a glimpse of our future, look at Australia. We've complied and will pay the price for it.
Posted by hiker53 (Member # 6046) on :
So, what you are saying is you are storing up goods for long term like people did when fearing threat of nuclear warfare?
Posted by Bartenderbonnie (Member # 49177) on :
norin.. . Wow, I have no words. . .

Please stop spreading fear, many of us on Lymenet are very ill.

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