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Posted by pineapple (Member # 11904) on :
Could someone please explain to me what Bluetooth technology is?

Sounds to me like someone needs to go visit Doc Dave for a filling!

So far, I get that it is a chip that people have in their cell phones and laptops that helps them communicate wirelessly. Is this correct?

We are going to get a laptop in the next few months and want to know if we should get it bluetooth enabled. If we don't will we regret it next year, kind of like not upgrading the memory when you have Vista?

I guess I just need examples of what it can "do"

Non-techie explanation please.
Posted by groovy2 (Member # 6304) on :
Hi Apple

Yes Blue tooth is a wireless system-
It is used for Short range Only 15 feet or less-

Usually Bluetooth only adds a few dollars to the price and many Laptops come stock with it-

Examples of use- wireless mouse -
wireless headphones - mics
wireless contact between other computers
in the same room -

One thing I would suggest is if you have the money is to buy a Apple -

They are worth the extra money because they
are mostly trouble free --

Watch on TV and you will see that people that
use there computers to make a living
ALL use Macs- Me included --

They also hold there value -
One Mac I have is 8 yrs old and it
is still worth a hundred $ -

I have a 3 yr old PC that is almost worthless
and can not give it away-

Hope this helps--Jay--

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