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Posted by pineapple (Member # 11904) on :
Getting a new notebook soon. Any advice if Vista has all the 'wrinkles' worked out yet? I heard at first it had lots of bugs and problems, which I don't need to deal with when getting a new computer.

Since notebooks are still available to be configured with WinXP pro, should I go with that or Vista Home Premium?

(I don't do gaming, mostly just business applications, internet, video and graphics editing, etc.)
Posted by Raiden Kitsune (Member # 14125) on :
Hey there. I'm new around here, but since I'm asking for advice, it's only fair that I give it back where I can, and this is my department =)

The answer to your question depends on if you want the short version or the long one.

The short version is, no Vista doesn't have the bugs worked out yet.

The longer one is, as always, complicated. Vista is definitely better than it was at release. Many of the bugs are fixed, and a lot of the issues pertaining to immature hardware drivers have been taken care of. Unfortunately, many of the issues are more than minor bugs, and can't be fixed at least until the first service pack, if ever. A lot of the complains people have with Vista are things that aren't likely to go away; things like the ludicrous memory requirements, built-in draconian media protection, and tons of other things.

Whether or not it's worth using Vista also depends quite a bit on how much you're spending on your laptop. If you're getting a high-end machine with 2 gigs or RAM, then Vista will work fine. With one gigabyte, it will be tolerable, but noticeably slower than XP would be on the same machine. Don't even attempt to run it with 512 or less.

As a general, quick recommendation, if you don't actually need anything that Vista offers over XP (not much, especially if you aren't into gaming), just stick wtih XP.

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