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Posted by tbrown (Member # 3) on :
We have just successfully completed one of the most significant upgrades of LymeNet in several years.

The servers have been migrated to an HP ProLiant multiprocessor enterprise server running the VMware ESX 3.5 virtual computing platform with several RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.2 VMs to support the LymeNet forums, database, home page, and E-mail infrastructure.

The Flash forum software has also been upgraded to UBB Classic 6.7.3 which should yield significant performance and security improvements.

We have struggled in the past to try to perform these upgrades with minimal impact to our user community, but after pressure was put on us by Lou Bachmann to address the repeated reliability issues more quickly, a decision was made to take the system fully out of service for the past several days in order to be able to perform a clean upgrade at the expense of availability to our users.

We appreciate your patience and support. Please let us know if you notice any errors or unusual behavior so that we can address the issue quickly.

We have additional improvements on the horizon (i.e. upgrade to UBB.Threads forum software and a major overhaul of the main LymeNet site to a web-based portal). Once the dust settles we will continue to work to provide better and more reliable service.

Your continued donations make all of this possible, and we sincerely appreciate your support.


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Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
posted 25-01-2009 11:21 PM

Tom, thank you for the entire hard week you put in as an UNPAID VOLUNTEER upgrading our site that we depend upon daily 24/7 but for doing this 365 days a year!!

Thank you for the SUPPORT you give us when problems incur, and for unselfishly dropping other things to get the problem solved!

Tom, special thanks also for showing on the site what you were doing, and status on how it was going, etc. That helped us tremendously!!!

I hope everyone who reads this note of gratitude to our UNPAID VOLUNTEER SYSTEMS ADMIN., MODERATORS, ETC. ....

PLEASE take a minute and express your thanks, gratitude, and how it felt having lymenet down 1 week!! xox;f=1;t=076710


could you provide a brief summary of the changes made?

these are the 2 things i've observed in my 10 minutes here....

1. when replying to SOMEONE ELSE'S POST, you can go to the bottom and click on SEND ALL REPLIES TO YOU even if you did NOT create the post so we can follow threads better !! wonderful as we've all wanted that feature for a long time.

2. FULL REPLY FORM which i've not checked out yet.

3. when replying to posts, you can click on having the gremlins back ... nice touch again! we've missed them as well.

are there other features like that were added by your upgrade?

thanks again, and most of what you said above was way above this neuro lyme patient!!

i saw a post added to computer so wanted to read what anyone had to say, and what a WONDERFUL SURPRISE to find it was from YOU!!

thanks a million for your UNPAID labor of love for the entire lymenet community! [Smile] [group hug] [kiss]
Posted by Lou B (Member # 64) on :

Most questions are easily answered by reading the LymeNet Flash 'faq', which are easily accessed at the top of every LymeNet Flash page and can also be accessed at the following link:

Take care,
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Little t said.. "Please let us know if you notice any errors or unusual behavior so that we can address the issue quickly."

I'd like to report Lou B for unusual behavior.

Don't know exactly what he has done today, but I am sure he has done something.


Thanks for fixin the site. MUCH appreciated.

[Big Grin]

PS. Glad it is back up! That stuff called house work sure isn't as much fun as playing around here can be.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :

big thanks; i skimmed it, and saw 2-3 other things i didn't know about or were explained better.

i always wondered about the MEMBER OF THE MOMENT and how they were selected! i've been looking for my name since i discovered directory, and YOU know how much i use that to welcome newbies to our board! [Smile]

i didn't think it was personal, but i've seen newbies just signing up that day being honored already! lol [Wink]

tc, good one ... unusual behavior on lou! precious my friend. here's to you lou! [bonk] [bow] [group hug] [kiss]
Posted by Meg (Member # 22) on :
I have a question, this upgrade didn't seem to fix the PM's old old function of highlighting links when we send to others.

Will that come with the next upgrade?

It's a pain for the receiver of the PM to have to paste the link to their browser bar, and it's something that just looks bad when sending to new posters in Seeking.
Posted by tbrown (Member # 3) on :
I believe that links in PMs are not highlighted because HTML encoding is not allowed in them due to the ability of unsavory characters to perform "spoofing" attacks where they display a link that looks legitimate but underneath it actually links to a bad site.
Posted by Remember to Smile (Member # 25481) on :
Originally posted by tbrown:
...links in PMs are not highlighted
...due to the ability of unsavory characters to perform "spoofing" attacks...

Thank you for explaining that!
Posted by Remember to Smile (Member # 25481) on :
I am very grateful for LymeNet! You have been invaluable to me in my quest for remission of chronic LD.

I've painstakingly led several newbies (even newer than I!) thru the process of how to Post New Topic and it's esp challenging when both parties have Lyme neuroborreliosis.

Like Bill B, many experience difficulty locating the current "POST NEW TOPIC" icon. It is difficult to read for several reasons:

* Reverse type (white on gray) is always harder to read than black on a light ground.

* All caps are always harder to read than upper & lower case combined. Ascenders and descenders on letters assist with reading comprehension.

* The stylized font displayed is difficult to read. Simple, clear, standard fonts with serifs aid reading comprehension.

* The more fonts per page, the more confusing the page. On many screens, LymeNet displays a dozen different fonts. Yet readers obtain info best if a page has few fonts.

One font is best, but two or three can be okay. Font size, italics, bold face, and color can all add interest and highlight features without adding much confusion.

For best comprehension, less is more. We must be careful to use color for reason, not just to "spice it up."

Note that the LymeNet logo uses two fonts and two colors, then go from there...

Suggestion: Since "Post a Poll" is much easier to read and thus more eye-catching, maybe "POST NEW TOPIC" and "POST REPLY" could quickly be changed to appear like "Post a Poll."

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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