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Posted by pineapple (Member # 11904) on :
Hi and thanks to those reading this post!!

I am thinking out loud, but wanted you to read my thoughts.

"Where are all the Lyme leaders?"

Why aren't lyme leaders in states sharing information and efforts with one another? Why is it that when one state asks others for help, no one responds? I am very disappointed.

I would like to suggest an 'official' advocacy listserve straight from the top. Maybe there should be a newsletter or something from the LDA to keep states informed?

There is so much GOSSIP going around you don't know who you can trust as a credible source of information.

Can you tell I am frustrated? I just wish there was more unity or direction.

(And peeeeleeease don't tell me to get involved or try to volunteer because I do way more than my share already, into the wee hours of the night, sometimes neglecting my own health for the sake of advocating for others.)
Posted by Anneke (Member # 7939) on :

Thank you so much for all you do.

We are lucky here in CA to have the California Lyme Disease Association, with heroes in our leadership.

The organization that does the most to help us, and does have strong leadership is LDA led by pat Smith. They have been emailing all state group members and giving activism directions. If everyone who got them responded, we would be in much better shape.
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Hi -- dittoing what Anneke said -- I think we are getting communications from our state and national folks about the next communication steps to assist with. Even if we just do that much, that's helping. Are you getting your state's communications?

Another thing that helps is us writing letter responses to media when it happens -- a thank you or a protest...

Just any actions you want to take, to advocate for Lyme/co awareness is great too. Each poerson we educate is one more person educated. Each of us doing our part..

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