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Posted by snapcrackle (Member # 9977) on :
This short video covers some reasons why we may be seeing bias on Lyme disease in the broader media:

Also, Google OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD for more historically documented information on state media control....

I know it sounds fantastical, but truth is often stranger than fiction....

PS: Note that Rockefeller was instrumental in the early control of media....mmm... the Rockefeller Institute also financed Plum Island Nazi Dr. Erich Traub in his early reserach on brain destroying microorganisms, ticks and parastic spirochetes....its almost too much to believe but it is officially documented... if you dig into it..
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Where is it documented?
Posted by snapcrackle (Member # 9977) on :
Hi Robin:

What's documented is the FACT that the United States government had (and still has) a policy of planting CIA/EPIDEMIC INTELLIGENCE SERVICE editors in newspapers in order to manipulate public opinion on matters of national security-- This program (called Project Mockingbird) was HEAVILY DOCUMENTED and verified by the Church Congressional Hearings-- for all the public to see. (The truth IS more amazing than a "Bourne" movie.)

Senator Church was driven out of office by the CIA after these revelations -- so they must have been enraged that the deception-- a main source of their power-- was revealed. (They don't like techniques revealed-- cuz they use em over and over on unsuspecting sheep like us...)

These people are very powerful-- and when they DON'T want information out about an epidemic or a weapons system-- or a disease -- in the mainstream media --- it will NOT be published... or it will be spun into a "non disease," and we are made to look like fools.

That is why we always see such inaccurate drivel about Lyme disease in the newspapers-- despite our mountains of protest letters.

The bias in the media against chronic Lyme-- (and outright lying) is clear to most people in this forum ---and in the chronic Lyme community.. Most of us are well educated and we are not as stupid as they apparently think we are..

We know lies, spin and deception when we see it.

And when so many of our letters are ignored-- you've got to assume that there is some sort of propaganda operation involved--- for whatever reason... The Science Times editor (Altman) is an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer.. and Lyme stories are under his jurisdiction..... I canceled my Times subscription..... cuz I don't like paying to be lied to....

I wanted Lymenetters to know that these "media" propaganda programs are REAL, VERIFIED and DOCUMENTED by our own government-- and that they currently exist.....

The $64,000 question is: Why is Lyme considered SO important the the media prints consistent misinformation about this disease? The Lyme "editors" over at Wikipedia or so intent on controlling the information that they jump on a well documented, well footnoted edit within about 30 seconds-- using every legal Wiki trick they possibly can to delete the information... I gave up editing over there-- despite numerous footnotes and documentation-- there are just hordes of people there intent on not letting out the truth.

Why so much energy over an "easily cured" disease... It's highly strange behavior....
Ya gotta wonder..... I'm still wondering why they are lying about chronic Lyme-- after 16 years with this disease....

Posted by Truthfinder (Member # 8512) on :
Yes, the good old Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS). Alan Steere is an illustrious member.

.....''an elite, quasi-military unit of Infectious Disease experts set up in the 1950's to develop an offensive biowarfare capability.....''

and the EIS still exists today.

....''Graduates of the EIS training program are sent in to occupy strategic positions in the US health infrastructure, taking leadership at federal and state health agencies, in academia, industry and the media.''

Lyme is a Biowarfare Issue article:
Posted by snapcrackle (Member # 9977) on :
Hi Truth--

I will definitely PRAY at 9 am as you have suggested..

I'm coming to the conclusion that prayer is our only hope now.. given the corruption, greed and lies in the scientific and bioweapons community..

When faced with such a powerful octopus-like "beast kingdom," prayer is our only hope.

god bless you and may Yeshua heal you.

Posted by Truthfinder (Member # 8512) on :
Yes, Snappy - some legacy we are leaving to our children and grandchildren......

Oh, and please don't pray at 9 a.m. - you'll be beating the rest of us by 12 hours. [Big Grin]

.... that would be 9 p.m. your time. Thanks for your participation. There is power in numbers when it comes to prayer.

God bless you, too....
Posted by lymewreck36 (Member # 4395) on :
Hi Snap. I just finished unboxing in Switzerland. Had to give myself the last of my morphine pills to get the job done. Lyme is really chipping away at me, after 5 years of the best doctors, I continue to go down.

Please keep your information coming. I know y ou feel like you are banging your head on a wall, but there are those of us who continue to pass on the information.

It will trickle down into torrents eventually.

Posted by daystar1952 (Member # 3255) on :
Hi....I have been thinking for a while that we need to protest the The Hartford Courant. A huge Boycott is what we need.

This is alot of work but I also think that handing out info on a one to one basis is also very helpful. When the Lymerix vaccine came out and they were shooting everyone up at local drugstores, etc, I stood outside a chain grocery store and handed out info concerning both sides of the issue. Many people I talked to had been in the vaccine trials and told me they were now diagnosed with fibromyalgia or arthririts.People were very receptive

On other occasions I had asked the grocery store at the service desk if it was ok to hand out free information on Lyme disease and they said sure. I would make say a hundred copies of specific articles I have written which spoke of the conspiracy...yes....conspiracy...surrounding the lyme pandemic.

Many people would take the info and also get into conversations. I would give them my card with contact info. I would also have pamphlets from lyme I would make up a packet that didn't just have my articles in it but looked more official with the professional flyers added.

This store is half an hour away from my house. I have actually had friends of mine hand me an article and is an article about Plum Island that so and so gave me.....they thought you might want to read it. I would look at it and it would be a hard copy of something I had written and handed out at the grocery store.My friend didn't even notice who had written it. We laughed!

So, anyway, my point is.....when you spend a little bit of money and do something like this....your money is directed to something very specific that you care about. Your money does not get diverted or frittered away. You know what it is accomplishing...and believe me...these things get passed on to others. You might not always know how your efforts have helped someone but before and while you are doing something like this...just pray to know that your efforts will be guided and will make a difference....and then leave it up to God.

I don't think we are meant to depend on big conglomerate newspapers to do our jobs for us. This is how they get control. We are supporting them while they lie and avoid the real issues. It doesn't just happen with lyme disease. As everyone knows one cannot depend on the media in why support them?

Anyway, that's my take on it
Posted by Aligondo Bruce (Member # 6219) on :
a more likely explanation than cia infiltration of media is that reporters are too dumb to critically examine and research the basis of IDSA arguments.

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