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Posted by MaryL (Member # 11997) on :
We are trying to find fundraising ideas for my son who's on IV abx & the insurance co. won't pay.

He's been on IV for over 1 yr now & is finally getting better so we don't want to stop treatment before he has no more symptoms.

We had an idea for selling a homemade advertising product to businesses & organizations that were personalized to their designs, but a quick search of patents showed someone has already patented that idea.

We're a little blue - we were all set to begin production (we put the cart before the horse!)

We don't just want to beg for money - We want to provide a product in exchange. Does anybody have a good idea for this kind of use? Keep in mind - we're not a charitable organization. Thanks for any tips.
Posted by MysteryGirl44 (Member # 10201) on :
I don't know of a product you could sell, but maybe you could do an awareness party and have the money go towards your son's health care.

Good luck! [Smile]
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :

BUTTERBREAD from Fareway used to be part of a fundraiser by selling their bread, and proceeds go to you/charity.

easter is coming up so was always a time when more bread was sold.

do you have a FAREWAY STORE near you?

they also might know of something else...

try HYVEE corp HQ in Des Moines too! [Wink] Betty
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
1 more afterthought ....

having a car wash; if i remember right, hubby is a boy scout leader so that would be a GROUP activity to get credit...

have it closer to end of winter when everyone wants to get ALL THIS SALT OFF THEIR CARS! [Wink]
Posted by pmerv (Member # 1504) on :
Mary, this is a heartbreaking story. You need to raise thousands and anything you can come up with might raise hundreds, if you are lucky.

Have you got the special insurance issue of the Lyme Times? It has form letters and everything for challenging your insurance company. Not that it will work, but you want to do everything you can.

contact Marisa at CALDA to find out about it.

In case that doesn't come through: mnayfach at yahoo dot com.
Posted by humanbeing (Member # 8572) on :
We were able to raise over $5000 with a silent auction of donated items (everything from facials/massages, paintings, furniture, gift baskets, etc...)

We had a potluck dinner in a hall where we set up the silent auction, we charged $20pp at the door ...would be even better if you called a local newspaper to run a story about lyme and your son....

Let me know if I can provide any more information...
Good Luck,

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