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Posted by FuzzySlippers (Member # 13658) on :
Posted by painted turtle (Member # 7801) on :
I think it's quite misleading.

I thought the controversy was over the existence of a chronic infection as the cause of chronic lyme,

Not the existence of the chronic lyme itself!
Posted by hurtingramma (Member # 7770) on :
Oh my. Couldn't they find an ILADS Dr. to talk to? And how about the person getting the vaccine!

We need to comment here, people.
Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
There is no current vaccine for Lyme is there?

Didn't they pull Lymerix off the market completely?

I think the report is somewhat fair.

It is not the Attorney General's place to debate medical opinions, research, etc.

What he found was a definite conflict of interest that can and does

Affect hundreds of thousands in regards to treatment.

Wish they would have focused a little bit more on the financial gain of the IDSA

Which supports their underlying belief that "Chronic Lyme" doesn't exist.



Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I thought the report was fair. The settlement had nothing to do with whether or not chronic Lyme exists. The report made the ID doc who doesn't believe in chronic Lyme sound like he does.

But, yeah, I was wondering about that vaccine stuff myself .....
Posted by lymeout (Member # 8045) on :
This was messy and confusing reporting. But the one thing that did come through clearly is that there was bias on the committee who established the guidelines. That is all we need. I think the IDSA's credibility has been damaged by this.
But we do need to keep our eyes on the bigger picture here - this is hopefully the beginning of a journey to expose the corruption in our health industry and retool the laws to get rid of it and get research back on the right track!

Our presidential candidates keep talking about the big fix for our health care system being the provision of insurance coverage for all. I haven't heard any one really address the issues of corruption that has occurred since patent laws were changed and conflict of interest has been ignored. They have hardly even touched on the power the insurance companies wield over health care decisions - denial, deial, denial.

I would like to see Michael Moore's movie reprised in light of this case!

As for lyme disease - I will be glad to see all research, including that supporting abx therapy, come under public scrutiny. My daughter still is still quite sick despite repeated abx over a 5 yer period. Her doctor has explored many other options, as well as subsequent conditions resulting from chronic infection. There is so much more information to be put on the table and examined. Our job now is to make sure EVERYTHING gets out there. The fact that this will be public indicates that there will be opportunity to respond, thus, filling in all the gaps!
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thanks for posting this! nothing in our midwest news ... so appreciated your sharing this! [group hug] [kiss]
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Whoa! That's bizarre...

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