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Posted by ellenluba (Member # 1707) on :
Hi folks,
Below is the link to see the video of the Good Morning show on the Lyme disease controversy on Friday.

You can also read the transcript, and then please leave a comment

http://abcnews. searchtext= Lyme%20disease% 20GMA&type=

Posted by slappy2779 (Member # 12193) on :
The link doesn't work, so I did some searching and and I found it.
Posted by ellenluba (Member # 1707) on :
Thanks for putting out a corrected url.

You can also try this:

That way you can get the transcript with the comment section.

(Anyone who saw )what I posted before I just changed it right now - it was a joke aimed at Tincup , but I was answering on the wrong section. She may have something there when she calls me Bozo.)
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :

You are working too hard... like you always do.

And I just LOVE it when you make a goof.. even when it isn't your fault. Who else can I tease and make fun of and get away with it?

Thanks for posting all the great information you do.

You BOZO you.

[Big Grin]

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