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Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :

posted 04-10-2009 04:44 AM


i've been busy on my end, and completely forgot; my sorry.

connie, can you edit top and show FUNDRAISER info at bottom so everything is in the SAME post? thanks so much kiss/hug


on pj's allegorypress site, you can see the front cover of the book, and also read her FLYER of more details galore ok !!

to all receiving this from me,

PLEASE forward to all your lyme list friends by email asking them to forward too ok! hugs

I will post this on LYMENET/MDJUNCTION boards on Friday, Oct. 2...NOT sooner per PJ's request.

If you belong to other lyme boards, you can post there on Fri., Oct. 2, too; huge thanks!

BettyG, Iowa lyme activist

And Betty, this is the link for where to get the will be updated to order from the printer after 10/15. OK to put the link there too.

(Just for your info, I am making Tshirt designs too and will post a separate notice on those items next week).

In the meantime, people can send checks in to donate to the address on the web page, and very soon within a couple of days to a week hopefully I will have a non-profit link so people can do the credit card thing.

I wish for this to go around the world my friend, do your best and ask everyone else to do the same.

This family deserves special attention for all they have given to the lyme community.

PJ Langhoff

From: Allegory Press Books <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: info on Dr. J; Jordan;
"Date: Sunday, September 27, 2009, 11:03 PM

Betty, you can go ahead and include the part about the coloring book too when you post to the lyme boards.

Here is a picture of the book cover as it will publish. You can include this too.

The cat will be out of the bag soon enough, so that's fine if it gets out there. PJ


i'll post this to mdjunction board right now before i forget AGAIN!

connie, thx for asking!! hugs betty
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
a note today from PJ LANGHOFF, who has created the coloring books and t-shirts as FUNDRAISERS FOR THE JEMSEK FAMILY ...

Hi Betty,

I can't post on lymenet because I was banned all those years ago and although I was asked to come back I don't have the time, literally.

I am working day and night to get the book "God Science" out along with other projects for the lyme cause.

BUT the collection of funds is to help them,

.. yes, because Dr. Jemsek has already lost his multi-million dollar clinic in NC when he was forced to close it for treating lyme patients,

.. not because he did anything "wrong",

.. then he moved to SC and treated patients there and they are once again making him move,

.. again simply for treating patients, not because he has done anything wrong!

He is constantly paying legal representatives to help keep him in business, and without our LLMDs, we have NO ONE to treat us!

This man and his family have given so much to the lyme community, people simply DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH about him or what he has sacrificed.

Doctors don't necessarily have the world's best insurance, contrary to popular belief, and with two members of his family in therapy for cancers, you can imagine what those medical bills will come to! (Millions)....

It is the decent thing to do to give back to a doctor who has given up so much of his life for thousands of patients all over the world and who is leading the way with treatment protocols that are helping the sickest of patients.

Even if we can only give a small amount, it lifts him up financially and also in support of his willingness to continue to fight despire the opposition who will take down any and all LLMDs if they possibly can!

However you wish to post this, I appreciate it.

Thanks Betty for all you do!



to those who were asking earlier WHY we should be making donations to dr. jemsek & his family, i hope pj's explanation above will answer your questions. hugs


pj's coloring books are DONE & ready to sell to raise money for the jemsek family.

if YOU are unable to buy, have about telling family, friends, your kid's teachers, sunday school teachers, etc. about this??

thanks everyone!
[group hug] [kiss]
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
tonight, the jemsek family posted a thank you on daughter, jordan's, caring bridge site about the coloring book, and showed a photo of jordan and the c. book !! [Smile]

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