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Posted by MysteryGirl44 (Member # 10201) on :
Hey! [Smile]

I want to host a free Under Our Skin screening in northern New Jersey. Do any of you know of locations where I can do this?

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Posted by turtle 1653 (Member # 10309) on :
You can try your local library. We had great support from our central NJ library.

You can try private schools if you have children or know someone who has contacts in the school.

One problem to be figured out when planning is the use of the computer and sound system to show the DVD.

Posted by lightparfait (Member # 22022) on :
We find the best way to do this is small groups i private groups spring up from this, and others will call and ask for their friends and neighbors to view this.

We hosted the screening in Northern NJ at the Montclair Clearview cinema for the Andy, the producer of Under our skin....with little turnout. It was shown for three days. It was not worth it.

If you can get a library that is great...

We tried the YMCA and had no success getting approval as it is considered medically controversial.

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