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Posted by Anna Lee (Member # 22992) on :
Action Alert from:

Lyme Disease Association
Newtown Lyme Disease Task Force
Ridgefield Lyme Disease Task Force
Fairfield Lyme Resource
LDA of Eastern CT
Lyme Information Network

Two Events- Same Day

1. Attend Rally to Support Dr. Charles R. Jones!

2. Attend CT Medical Board Hearing

Dr. Jones asks for your support!




WHEN: RALLY- Tuesday, February 16 at 11:00 AM

HEARING- Following the Rally which is currently scheduled for 1:30 PM the same day*

WHERE: RALLY- Outside the CT Department of Public Health, 410 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06134

HEARING: Connecticut Department of Public Health, 410 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06134 (Room to be announced)

Note: The outdoor RALLY will be held at 11:00 AM, even if the DPH cancels or reschedules the hearing.

The Connecticut Medical Examining Board hearing is currently scheduled for 1:30 PM on February 16, 2010, the same day as the RALLY.

The DPH might change the hearing date/time BUT THE RALLY WILL STILL HAPPEN. We will all meet at 11:00 AM at the DPH Building for the rally. If the hearing goes as on scheduled, we will proceed to the hearing after the rally.

For updates and more information visit the Lyme Rights Website at

As you know, Dr. Jones has already faced medical board charges and had sanctions and a fine levied against him. The actions of the Connecticut Department of Public Health against him have continued for almost 5 years.

New Charges
Dr. Jones had a second set of charges lodged against him, and now the hearing to recommend additional sanctions will be held in front of the entire Medical Examining Board. The Board will be voting on the recommendations of the current three-member panel that has been hearing the second set of charges. Attorneys for Dr. Jones and for the CT Department of Public Health will present their oral arguments regarding these recommendations.

New Sanctions

The panel is NOT recommending that Dr. Jones' license be revoked. They are, however, recommending other sanctions which are of tremendous concern:

A second $10,000 fine (the $10,000 fine levied in the first case has been "suspended," pending the outcome of the appeal);

Four years of supervised probation;

Supervision conducted by a monitor hired at Dr. Jones' expense.

The current monitor, put in place as a result of the previous charges against Dr. Jones, is responsible for having now made more than 5 new complaints against him.

Action to take

We need a strong show of support for the man who has cared for so many of our children, when other pediatricians have been unable or unwilling to provide proper diagnosis and treatment for them.

Dr. Jones requests that you please try to attend the upcoming hearing, and bring as many people with you as you can!

Consequences if Dr. Jones loses ability to treat

Further jeopardize all Lyme literate physicians' ability to treat by casting a chill on treatment climate.

Prevent patients of all ages from receiving appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Negatively impact the future of so many children who depend on Dr. Jones for appropriate care.

The Lyme community needs to take a united stand to preserve the rights of doctors to treat and patients to be treated. Come and be counted!


The LDA thanks all of you for your cooperation with these efforts. Working together, we have made and can continue to make a difference for Lyme patients everywhere.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
We want thousands of people to come. We NEED to be heard! I heard from a LLMD tonight and they EXPECT us to be there.

Don't jeopardize your ability to be treated.

And what ever you do....

Don't let Dr. Jones down!


[Big Grin]
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Prayers for Dr. Jones and his precious children...


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Posted by grandmother (Member # 19908) on :
Has this message been sent far and wide?

To all groups?

I don't think most understand the importance.
Posted by LymeLearned (Member # 20565) on :
GUYS? HELP! I'm far too ill to do this. PLEASE tell me what I can do from my bed??>>???? I SO want to help. Thanks, Suz
Posted by Alana (Member # 14077) on :

Unfortunately can't go due to scheduled surgery.

If anyone can go, PLEASE do so. Don't assume "someone else" will go and stay home.

If you're within a reasonable distance, please go knowing that your presence represents those who cannot due to distance or circumstances.

There is power in numbers. Dr. Jones has helped 16,000 kids. If only we could get 16,000 people to attend!

Dr. Jones needs any and all the support he can get. He has brought our kids back from living hell and offered his immense kindness, help and hope when other so-called physicians just shrugged and threw our "hopeless" children by the wayside without a second thought.


Thank you on behalf of those of us who cannot.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :

It was sent. But needs to be sent again and again. If you know anywhere to post it, please do!

[Big Grin]

Lyme bright... ok.. learned.

We are working on things that can be done. I am backed up badly, we all are ...

But I will sure post more once we have it ready.

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Posted by amputecture (Member # 11068) on :
Do you think large signs would be ok?
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
Hey there amp...

Yes... if you can hold it and it doesn't block the sidewalks... it is allowed. The permit has been issued by the police and that was the final word on signs. Hope you will be there!

Also note- more information has just been posted on the website.

Click here to see it.

Thanks for caring about Dr. Jones and his "kids".

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Posted by trishee (Member # 9699) on :
Bringing Ribbons! [Smile]
Posted by Anna Lee (Member # 22992) on :
Just got this, so please distribute.

ALSO- Due to the possibility of inclement weather ... please be sure to check for updates. The details about parking, directions, food, etc were put on the site yesterday.

Don't head to the rally until you check the site please!

CONTACT: Rally/State: Maggie Shaw, Newtown Lyme Disease Task Force 203-470-5406 National: Pat Smith, Lyme Disease Association, Inc. 888-366-6611 [email protected]

PRESS RELEASE- For Immediate Release

Is the Connecticut DPH Helping Patients?

Hartford, CT February 12, 2010 −At a time when all eyes are focused on the economy, no one seems to be watching as the Department of Public Health (DPH) dwindles away tax payer's dollars attempting to persecute a pediatrician for making children better.

DPH investigations and legal actions, prompted by supporters of the guidelines of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), have forced Dr. Charles R. Jones of New Haven to defend himself against charges that have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, there is a significant outstanding balance in his legal defense fund.

The complaints filed against Dr. Jones were not due to children being harmed, in fact, they all have improved significantly as a result of his treatment. Yet, the DPH continues to monitor Jones and gathers children's medical files from his office shelves to try to find evidence that will justify any charges that many say are designed to bankrupt him and force him into surrendering his medical license.

After almost 6 years as a target of the DPH, Jones is still licensed to treat, has a full patient load with a long waiting list, and works six days a week to help as many sick and disabled children as possible.

Dr. Jones, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday at the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport with over one hundred of his ``children'' in attendance, took an unprecedented stand against the flawed Infectious Diseases Society of America's (IDSA) Lyme disease treatment guidelines long before Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal launched an investigation which uncovered multiple undisclosed conflicts of interest by IDSA panelists who developed the guidelines.

For years, Jones has refused to allow the thousands of children with Lyme and tick-borne diseases, who have been coming to him from around the world for help, to suffer from lack of adequate treatment.

``We must send a clear message to health departments across the country that we will not be bullied, or allow our right to medical treatment to be trampled,'' stated Jones in a recent letter to patients and health care providers. His ``children'' and their parents are grateful that he helped so many of them return to a normal life after years of suffering.

Although the State has indicated the most recent charges are not about Lyme, it hired two Connecticut-based ``Lyme specialists'' to testify against him. Dr. L. Zemel, one of the ``experts,'' testimony was thrown out, with the panel characterizing him as clearly biased against physicians who treat chronic Lyme and against many of the labs that they use.

This characterization comes as no surprise to Lyme patients and their families who have been subject to the same type of bias by many IDSA guidelines' followers, leading to curtailed treatment, disabling disease, tremendous pain, and inability to function in society.

As Dr. Jones' legal fees continue to snowball, someone needs to investigate how much the State is spending to harass a good doctor who is saving lives and what other doctors, who pose real threats to patients, are slipping through the cracks while this spurious investigation is permitted to continue.

CT volunteer Lyme disease support groups are holding a rally for Dr. Jones prior to his next scheduled DPH hearing on February 16, 2010 at 11:00 AM in front of the DPH building on Capitol Avenue.

For more information and inclement weather advisories on the rally please visit

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