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Posted by lymie tony z (Member # 5130) on :
Hi Folks,

I know I have'nt been here(gracing the threads

of lymenet) for some time. And I'm not going to

divulge a whole lot of information about my

plans. I just wish to know of anyone

able to meet with me physically. To discuss

certain mainstream medical doctor office's,

hospital ER's etc., procedures, whether TBD

connected or otherwise.

Or how we are all, "TREATED", however loosely

defined by

these office's of health and wellfare.

Probable procedures we've

all been exposed to, in the past. To discuss,

certain alledged procedures, that may or

may not, have the expressed permission or perhaps

even an alledged prior knowledge of and or

alledged tutoring or alledged advice,

by or from, that have

been placed into operation for some time. At the

alledged behest of some or all those responsible,

mainstream medical insurers nationwide.

Please respond without my divulging any

particulars at this point.

I guess I just need to know,

who can physically get to a centrally

located, hopefully adequately secure

environment, that is agreeable to the

majority of the readers and contributors of

this forum.

When and whereupon, after we agree on and then

attend,I shall be more than happy to

divulge my plan or plans of action!

Of course I would have had the time, while

waiting for your replies, to employ


Which may be able to assure all participants

of a most

interesting, peacefull and perhaps financially

satisfying legal plan or plans of litigation.

Which, with a great turnout of volunteers could

proove to have a most efficatious and satisfying


If interested, please let me know by this

thread, or if you know me, by other more

personal methods of communication.

Very Sincerely,
AMZ, Senior
zman, as most of you might remember me here.

even if you don't know me or are unable to

physically attend such a meeting of the minds...

chronically infected or not, as we may all be...

perhaps a notarized duely witnessed and


written and admittable dissertation of sorts,

may be allowed...evidencially

speaking that even more individuals

could contribute.

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Posted by lymie tony z (Member # 5130) on :
I guess no one is willing and able...

Well...that's just fine....

I'll leave this here awhile...I guess...

then I guess I'll just do what I gotta do...

cuz I might not have too much time in which to

do what I've been wanting to do for some time...

this thingys probably too long and mysterious for

most of's really pretty

and it's going to be fun...

Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
Wake UP Zman Your dreaming again...LOL

I would love to see all the Lyme criminals brought to justice...

What can I do?
Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
Should they start with the present or the past?

Are you including the CDC jokers as well as the FDA/USDA/IDSA/AMA/etc.etc.?
Posted by lymie tony z (Member # 5130) on :
Well actually both....

but I'm not going to blow my info just yet...

It seems no one is all that

I might just do it on my own....and keep all the


for my own needs....and maybe just a bil or

so extra to help those not have to go through

all I had the last 26 or so years...

Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
Well I hope you don't leave out all us poor suckers that have Morgellons too. How about all the ones who think they just have XMRV?

The crooks gotta pay. And the ones who stole our tax dollars to "protect US" too....
Posted by lymie tony z (Member # 5130) on :
If you noticed, I never said anything about lyme

in my initial post. This may not have anything

at all to do with lyme.

However, let me just say that, in my opinion,

this is where a lot of lyme cases or suits

against anyone, get bogged down...they try to

include all the problems we have faced down

through the years, instead of a more elite,

one or two things that we've been subjected to.

In the case of morgellons....I mean no indiff-

erence to you or anyone else who has those little

colorfull fibers emitting from their skin.

However, it would be just one more disease

that has no known cause.


At least not one recognized by ANYONE that I'm

aware of, with the credentials of MD or science

where they have the proof to conclude it's

relativity with lyme. It, or they, are just

another of the many

little, "symptoms" or "Pathogens", we who have

TBD's are subjected and can relate.

but hard to prove, adding more difficulty

to any case involving the already difficult to

prove lyme and associated claims, patients,

world-wide protest.

My plan is a more or less, "Chipping away" of the

same credability "they" choose as their own

defense(or offense)as their cases may direct

against litigants.


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