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Posted by jblral (Member # 8836) on :
TOUCHED BY LYME: IDSA learns what it means to ``go viral'' on Facebook

IDSA gets an earful from Lyme patients on the organization's Facebook page. But will they pay any attention?
Posted by SuZ-Q (Member # 5903) on :
There are now around 1900 posts on the IDSA FB page. I am surprised that there is not more discussion about it here. I expected to see a call to action to get this story to mainstream media. The IDSA can easily ignore the many pleas on Facebook unless pressure is placed on them. As long as the story stays in the Lyme comunity without outside exposure, there will be no change and the posters will have pretty much wasted their time. I am sending the story out to links to news organizations. We should all take the time to do that. If we can take the time to post on FaceBook, we can find the time to try to get this story to the press.

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