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Posted by Dancer (Member # 11039) on :
On May 10th, the international Lyme disease community will rally in support of patients in 29 countries around the world and 25 states in the US for the first time.

Link to the NYC Protest page:

Link to other US States Protests:

Links to Worldwide Protests:

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Posted by Eight Legs Bad (Member # 13680) on :
The British rally will take place at 12 noon outside the Dept of Health.

I am dismayed that one individual, closely linked with Lyme Disease Action, who advocate working **with** our Dept of Health rather than protesting against them, has unilaterally declared that any placards, leaflets etc mentioning the link between Lyme and biowarfare are banned.

This is not the consensus of other protesters internationally, or even of the UK movement.

I have written a FAQ here:

Elena Cook

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